Most of my web sites are jumping

Asked by Freddie on 2008-08-29

  my web sites jump and Flutter As if something was scanning my web sites

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Wow. That's interesting. Do you have that problem with the contents of other windows? Is it just your browser? Which is it (Firefox, Opera, etc.)?

Freddie (freddieyslas) said : #2

My email, WEATHER , Utube, as i am typing, Its not Happing I can go to another site and it starts to happen again , And yes this is firefox?

Ok, there could be two causes, as far as I know.

First: Does your mouse have a middle wheel/button? Perhaps it's too sensitive and lost its friction. If it moves, even slightly, it could make your Firefox jump up and down. I've seen it happen in some machines. Try using another mouse.

Second: Try changing some settings in Firefox. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced (tab) -> In the browsing field, try enabling/disabling autoscrolling and/or smooth scrolling.

Let me know if any of that helped.

Freddie (freddieyslas) said : #4

Hi angel Ramirez I tried the Preferences auto and smooth scrolling that diden,t work? I guess I better go buy a new mouse? and try that? Freddie. If you have any more Suggestions Please let me Know

Freddie (freddieyslas) said : #5

I just Unpluged My mouse; because I have a lab top I tried Using my Built in Lab mouse And it just got Worse? Freddie

mmm It got worse. That's weird, Fred. Try unplugging the mouse and rebooting. Maybe that'll recalibrate your input device.

Best Sam_ (and-sam) said : #7

Hi Freddie,
please check logfiles for related errors after "jumping" occurs.
e.g. xsession.errors (hidden file in your home directory)

Terminal output of errors from Xorg.0.log (which is btw. in /var/log or in system administration menu)
$grep -i error /var/log/Xorg.0.log

$cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep -i "configured mouse"

Which firefox version on which system architecture 32 or 64bit?
You could also start firefox in a terminal and check the output there when "jumping occurs":

Copy and paste anything meaningful here, thanks.

Please check your addons and remove them successive for tracing if anyone of them causes the problem.

Freddie (freddieyslas) said : #8

Thanks Sam, that solved my question.