Firefox 39 bug?

Asked by jondee on 2015-07-06

I can see 39.0+build5-0ubuntu1 has been put into Wiley but not into the rest of the streams, is a bug the reason for this, or is this a normal part of Ubuntu testing that I'm simply not aware about? Would love to learn more and happy to test 39.0 as I have vivid-proposed enabled! :)

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Wiley is not even remotely ready and is not stable. Your OS is in the alpha stages and is not for the casual user. If you are happy to put up with feature holes, crashes and bugs (which may also include a non-booting system) but want to submit bugs to get the OS ready for release in October then by all means use Wily. It will not be a smooth ride.

If you need an OS that works as expected then I suggest you wipe Wily off and do a clean install of Trusty (Ubuntu 14.04 and supported til April 2019) or Vivid (Ubuntu 15.04 and not LTS but will allow you to upgrade to Wily when it is released)

jondee (jonathandilks) said : #2

@actionparsnip thanks for the reply, but I think you misunderstood the question. I am aware Wiley is nowhere near being ready and have no intention of trying to use it. The question relates to the release of Firefox 39 in Vivid, Trusty etc. I mentioned Wiley because it's the only place I can see the firefox 39.0+build5-0ubuntu1 package has been placed into.

The question asks when and why has the latest firefox (39/ firefox 39.0+build5-0ubuntu1) package not been built and placed into the other streams yet?
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It will in time. Canonical are keeping the browser as up to date as possible. This is contrary to their usual slowly slowly approach.

It will come in time.

jondee (jonathandilks) said : #4

Okay @actionparsnip, you're still not really answering my question though! I've been following Ubuntu enough to know all of that already. Maybe you could find or let someone more technically involved in the testing/ approval process answer the question!?

According to Wikipedia ( ), Firefox 39 was released on the 2nd July. I can see in the PPA that I've since found here ( ), there is a non-beta build of Firefox 39 prepared for all releases upon the 29th June. What I'm trying to find out is, what is the process from which the PPA enters into the main Ubuntu update stream? I.e. who's responsible for it, and what are they testing for before it's allowed into Vivid and Trusty updates?

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So you are posting this because it wasn't made available immediately at release? You just need to be patient. It's that simple

Best Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #6

Maybe gives a hint.

Building the arm64 version seems to have failed for trusty utopic and vivid, and I assume that is the reason that even the successfully built versions/architectures have not been copied to the official repositories yet.

The build failure seems to have happened on June 29, and I do not see whether anything happened since.

Maybe Chris Coulson from the Mozilla Security Team could be a point of contact.

jondee (jonathandilks) said : #7

@andrew-woodhead666 No, I'm a technically minded user simply trying to get more involved in the Ubuntu development process and to do that I need to understand what those processes are. Please go back and properly read what I've been writing from the start. I get that you're trying to help and don't want to be disrespectful to you in that. But often, by not reading what's been put properly and then replying you are being overall less helpful because you're stopping others users who are more knowledgeable about this from seeing the question is unanswered!

@m-hampl yes I had noticed the arm64 build failure, but hadn't made the connection before that one build may stop the entire release going ahead. Your explanation does seem to make quite a lot of sense though, as it would stop there from being divergence between the different Ubuntu architectures. It's something I'll look into whether this policy applies across all of Ubuntu/ Launchpad and then I guess I'll really get my answer! :) Thank you!

jondee (jonathandilks) said : #8

Thanks Manfred Hampl, that solved my question.