cant play youtube videos?

Asked by airron davied walters on 2012-10-26

ok'' again '' i can not play videos in web pages''' like'''' ??!

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Subin Hutton
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cant play youtube videos''!!

can any one help me or what''' this sucks waiting'''' i have tryed to down load adobe flash player and it will not load'' it said error''' and the update'' said its up to date''' can any one help me''?

Subin Hutton (djlynux) said : #3

airron patience is the key for success :). In-order to play videos and audios, you have to install media codecs, that you didn't install I guess.

Follow the steps mentioned there.

thanks im going to try this '' let you know if my dummy self can get this to work'''' thank ''s for the help''' im all new at this
ubuntu''' thing''lol''

ok i did what i read that is said too do and i did that ''' and can not download the codec a drop down at u know up on the page to run this plugin and i do this and it will not down load''' so what do i do now '' my friend''' becouse i lost''lol''' ??

Subin Hutton (djlynux) said : #6

I got something for you... Can you try this tutorial and let me know how it goes.

ok i did that and i got a little closer '' but ''i now see the restricted '' codec's but they say they are no longer available'' and thier is three of them and they all say that''''' so now what do i do'''lol just my luck''''lol?????

Subin Hutton (djlynux) said : #8

Lets redo from the scratch.

1. Open sofware sources, after that click the tab other software, verify that you've enabled "canonical partners and canonical Partners Source Code". Refer the image below

2. Then try the steps that I mentioned in the previous post.

ok i did that and yes they are checked their is two of them thier and both are checked''' but i stell get the they are no longer available''' is their something els thier to do to make them work'''' thier is other opion's''' i feel im getting closer''lol''' i do really thank you for helping me bro''''''so im all ear;s''''lol

Subin Hutton (djlynux) said : #10

Which version of Ubuntu that you're using, Type the following command give me the output

lsb_release -a

And also the exact error message that you're getting. If possible a screenshot.

well its 9.10 i do think''' but a sceen --shot '' i am stell leaning to how to use this windows if thats what you call it''''' im sorry''' its just every time i click to down load it at the ubuntu software center ''it just says that its un-available''' on all three that is thier'''''' ''''' !!!!! and ya its an older version''''

Subin Hutton (djlynux) said : #12

ahhh....I should have asked this question long before lol....No wonder why you are not able to download flash. You know that it's EOL (End of life) reached. Ref the following url

So no further downloads for it. Now you have two option upgrade to Ubuntu latest version which is 12.10 or if you want the long term solid version go ahead with 12.04

Still you want to use this 9.10 version :( better u try google chrome which is already shipped with built in flash player (pepper flash api). I'm not sure whether it will work or not.

Good luck :)

thanks bro '' i was afrad you were going to say something like that'' so let me ask you one more thing '' is it going to be a pain'' to up grade''' becouse ' i have this right beside my windowsxp''' can i up grade like just go and up grade it from right ware im at''''' is that posable''???

Best Subin Hutton (djlynux) said : #14

You can't upgrade 9.10 directly to 12.x.x through online update manager. I always prefer to do a fresh install. Download the iso and re-install. Make sure that you are not overwriting the windows partition. I think when you install ubuntu, it will automatically detect the existing linux partition and you can just allow to overwrite it. In normal circumstances, it wont mess up the bootloader configuration

Or else you can try upgrade using the iso CD. But I never tried that before.

Just a piece of advice. If you are a guy who don't like frequent upgrade, better stick with LTS editions which is now having 5 years of support. So you can wait till next LTS release and upgrade to the next LTS release instead of upgrading to the intermediate releases (but your computer will be so old by that time :D).

heck my computer is allready old '''heck its a 2009''' hp''' and it works stell like an new allmost''' lol'''' but i will try all that you have said to try and do'''' and thank you again for all your help ''' and heck for an old 9.10 ubuntu it stell works pretty good '' cuz it works the web fast thats why i have ben setting here trying to get every thing working ''heck i thing youtube was the only thing that was not working right ''''' but thanks man for all your help'''' you know you stuff'''' '''''' later]].

Thanks Subin Hutton, that solved my question.

Subin Hutton (djlynux) said : #17

Happy to hear that :)