Open Firefox 12.0 in 10.04.4 LTS shows a Zombie Firefox Process

Asked by steve hussey on 2012-06-03

Running 10.04.4 LTS, Firefox 12.0, Gateway E Series 3.2 HT 2 GB RAM.

Recently having trouble logging in (signing in) to Yahoo web mail account (last week or so). I have been certain I have logged user name and password correctly each time. Connection is HTTPS: Error results with something like 'wrong user name or password', enter full user id to log in. I will not do this, as I make sure I carefully enter password and double check user name for correct spelling and syntax before I click login.

This results in my closing the browser several times until I successfully login to the account.

Just noticed today that a "zombie process" for Firefox also starts with the browser as it becomes visible. Now there are two FF processes; one is the normal one, and the other, N/A for memory utilization, and where "Waiting Channel" is, is marked for 'exit' or something similar.

Zombie process does exit within three seconds after being started. Normal FF process shows 94.6 MB and 'poll_schedule_timeout' in 'Waiting Channel' area.

Is this a bug?

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If you make a new ubuntu user and log in as that, does it happen as the new user?

steve hussey (srhussey1) said : #2

Will try that as soon as I have enough time. Will be a day or so.

More info: Memory table is reported as "zero" (0) whilst zombie process is attempting to start, with a waiting channel as "do_exit" marked. In other words, zombie has no memory assigned.

steve hussey (srhussey1) said : #3

Sorry, info above is incorrect.

Memory table shows N/A for memory in italics as zombie.

steve hussey (srhussey1) said : #4

Never mind.

Created new user w/o password (as it is temporary), checked for behavior, saw same processes appear, but zombie appears for only one second. Restarting browser sometimes shows zombie process as a flash (instant) or no zombie.

This is different for th new user account.

Note that closing browser results in Uninterruptible status for about two or three seconds.

Memory usage is up from 170 MB to 210 MB with FF closed. Used to cycle back down to 170-180 w/o FF running. Running FF shows 330 MB atm in user account.

You could report a bug

steve hussey (srhussey1) said : #6

Could do that.

In new user account (temporary), as all settings there are default, no add-ons for FF were installed. So, to see the zombie pop up again, but as a different behavior occurred, was a little surprising, so I tried installing AdBlock Plus, an add-on for FF.

Installation was successful.

Now have exactly the same behavior in all three accounts for FF.

This is the only add-on installed in the new account. No other changes to it have been made to FF. Personal bookmarks has not been installed.

Other changes to system since install:

--Daily updates
--Installed recommended Nvidia restricted driver
--Changed appearance to 'Clearlooks'
--Installed Avast! 4.8 GUI

What would you report as a bug; how would you state it?

Reason I have AdBlock Plus installed is because, in Windows, some ads are attack vectors for infection. Besides, I have no need for the advertisements. Not worried about Ubuntu, though.

steve hussey (srhussey1) said : #7

@ actionparsnip,

Will report as bug and see what happens. FF was updated to version 13 and no change.

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