How to install Firefox plug-ins

Asked by Alphons de Jong

Don't know how to install the following plug-ins for Firefox.


Could anybody give me a step-by-step installation instruction for dummies.

The installation of install_flash_player_7_linux.tar.gz and
linux-5010.tar.gz (Acrobat5) worked out, but I don't see a positive result of those installations. So I'm not sure it's installed correctly. So installation instructions for those two plug-ins would also be appreciated.

Would like to thank my helper in advance.

Alphons de Jong

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Jonathan Jesse (jjesse) said :

According to, one can install Java with the simple command: sudo apt-get install j2re1.4. If you scroll down a bit there is a section titled, "Java on Mozilla Firefox" which explains how to get the plugin to work correctly after installing Java.

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Xavier Verne (xavier-verne) said :

You will find easy instructions to set up plugins in Mozilla Firefox at the following URL

All you have to do is installing the correct packages with "Add applications" menus
For example, flash player in firefox consist in clicking on the flashplayer-mozilla package and then apply. You need to enable multiverse repository (non free applications). The way to do it is explained in details on

On a general basis, check your questions against Ubuntu Wiki, most of Distribution setup questions are answered. If not, do post on support section as you did.

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Alphons de Jong (fonske) said :

Thanks to Jonathan and Xavier although it did not solve my problems. I'm disappointed that a system that has the intention to make Linux a better alternative for MS does not deliver full browser capabilities with the main installation, to make it possible to view video clips and animations on internet sites, and makes it so complicated to do this later. In this way Linux will never become a general alternative for Windows/macintosh on the desktop of common users and will stay a powerfull expert system. I run Ubuntu on a removable disk on on old Celeron notebook. In general it works fine with most delivered programs. However I don't understand why a program like Totum is the default media viewer. The only thing it does is to tell me that it has not protocol to play the video. Besides I'm disappointed that I'm not able to install my favorite browser 'Opera', which I use to run on my iMac and Windows XP computers. Just before I typed this, I met an other problem. Although my serial connected floppy drive was connected during the installation I cannot mount it. Also an USB floppy drive is not recognized. So I cannot copy some digital photo's I just made with my floppy based Sony camera. I'm close to change back to the removable XP disk.

Best regards,

Alphons de Jong
Alphen a/d Rijn
The Netherlands

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Alphons de Jong (fonske) said :


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Xavier Verne (xavier-verne) said :


I understand what you say, and want to address a few points :
_ On multimedia setup, Ubuntu _cannot_ do a default setup due tu legal issues. This ensures
_ About configuration difficulties, just explain where you stop in the wiki, what do you see, and what have you tried, you may.
About firefox flash plugin for example, do you have in synaptic a package called "flashplayer-mozilla" ? These sort of simple tests can help to circumvent your problem, until solving it. Ubuntu is all about making things better, so we're willing to spend time to both explaining better in the wiki _and_ making your life easier regarding to technical problems, mostly by automatic configuration.
_ the goal is a one click to go, you just select flashMozilla, and then magic when you apply, flash animations work !

Actually, flash and Java are third party software, NON FREE, that prevent them from being part of the default install, I agree with you , it's bad and make things tougher for newbies.

I hope you will find help and be able to setup your box. Because being a Linux user will become soon "hype" before "normal", as everybody may switch, one day in a distant future.

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marlena santoyo (marlenesantoyo) said :

Tell me please how to regain sound