Firefox will not load websites over 85% of the time.

Asked by Chris on 2010-02-20

Please help me. I cannot get beyond "cannot find server,, etc. over 85% of the time. It is very frustrating and most Internet work is done on our older windows based laptop.

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It's probably a failing domain-name server (DNS). The DNS is like a phone book for your computer. It looks up IP addresses. Look at this article, but especially the part on DNS .

The IP address of your DNS is set in the network settings. Usually this is your internet service provider (which may have an overworked DNS), but it could be a router, for example, which itself then uses your ISP. You could use OpenDNS.

try adding the dns servers:

These may help resolve names etc.

Chris (cboyd67) said : #3

This may sound foolish, but I do not know how to add dns servers. Please provide the steps.


gksudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf

Add these 2 lines:


Save the new file and close gedit, try web browsing.

Chris (cboyd67) said : #5

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

You will need to add these DNS servers to your netork managing app if you use one as the app will remove hese settings every boot.

Tom (tom6) said : #7

Hi ?

How do you add those to the standard network managing app? I had no idea how to add the dns servers in the first place either so that was good to learn about, thx AP :)

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Tom :)

Not sure, i dont use gui apps as I find using the interfaces file far easier, plus I dont have to clog up my RAM with apps which are basically going to sit idle while I work

Look in advanced settings or connection settings, you can set DNS someplace. In wicd you can set it up nice and easy too and even have a global DNS to apply to all connections but then specify different ones for different connections if need be, its also DE independant which is niiiice. Network manager does connect to dialup/3G which wicd doesn't but i digree

basically flick around, you will find it

Tom (tom6) said : #9

Hi :)

Have you been able to test the new Ubuntu 10.04 before it gets officially released?
Trying it as a LiveCd or as an extra dual/multi-boot would be ideal. Developers and everyone are keen to try to iron out any problems before 10.04 gets officially released so you might find faster & more effective answers to your bug reports which would make 10.04 work better on your system for you

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