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Asked by Anukis79 on 2009-07-18

I am very new to Linux and I just received my HP Mini 110 Mi. It seems that it is up to me to figure out how to use it. I am trying to download programs and i have no idea. I have a system running on Release 1.2, kernel linux 2.6.24-22-lpia, and gnome 2.22.3. It doest specifically say I have firefox as the browser and in processes it shows that it is sleeping, well just about everything is sleeping. I am trying to download such programs as limewire and GIMME. When i go to download a box pops up that as how do i want to open the file. well it downloads but what else am i suppose to do with it? My package doesnt specifically have a name like syntec or whatever. Please i just need a quick crash course on this OS! Im use to windows downloading and opening for u.

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Damiano Venturin
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Campbell (campbell-hennessy) said : #1

As far as I can see your laptop uses an Ubuntu derivative made by HP. A great guide to Ubuntu can be found at If you follow this link: it talks about software installations. I suggest you use Google to look for "popular linux applications" in order to get started.

You cannot run exe files in linux (unless you are using a windows emulator).

For limewire if you go to you can download a .deb file (the linux equivalent to an exe). You will want to open it with the gDEBI package installer, which should be an option in the firefox download open-now menu. is another great resource for new users.

Anukis79 (diety23) said : #2

Um where do i get gDEBI package installer? I have something called nautilus, how does that suppose to work in regards to downloading files

Damiano Venturin (damko) said : #3

Nautilus is the equivalent of Explorer. It basically shows you folders and their content.
I suggest to you to get habit to the system before installing whatever you find.
The best way for a new user to install programs is to use synaptic. I suppose you can find it in Menu -> System -> Administration

Welcome to the your new operating system and community! :-)

Campbell (campbell-hennessy) said : #4

Another way to explore available applications easily is to use the Add/Remove Programs application. In a standard Ubuntu install it is located at the bottom of the Applications menu. I am not sure if HP included this feature in their redistribution or not.

Anukis79 (diety23) said : #5

Ok, im getting it a little. But as i mentioned before I have a HP Mini with Linux and it says that I will not be able to download anything with .deb or .exe. What does dat mean and what else is there to do?

Damiano Venturin (damko) said : #6

Hi Anukis79
I think the main problem is that none of us has a perfect idea of the differences between a common Ubuntu and your HP Mini.

I'm curious about a thing: try to install a simple application using a terminal following these instructions:
open a terminal (browse your menu)
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tree

does it work?

Anukis79 (diety23) said : #7

Yes! It did! It read the package and then said done. The same for the tree install. The update command is obvious but what is tree? I finally fonund the synaptic package manager and installed wine. I think its all coming together piece by piece for me with Linux or Ubuntu, Gnome or what the name is. In dabbling with the package manager now, whats the use for the root terminal? I ordered a Linux Bible and a Linux for Dummies book. So hopefully that will clear some things up for me.

Best Damiano Venturin (damko) said : #8

it was just to test. tree lists (as a tree) files and folders: try it in a terminal
tree -L 2 ~

so before to install packages downloaded from internet you should do:

apt-cache search limewire

and you probably get

frostwire - A Truly Free and Open Source Peer to Peer client

if you want to read details on the package:

apt-cache show frostwire

so to install it:

sudo apt-get install frostwire

if you can't anything after apt-cache search, start browsing for a package on the internet: assume that you find a "limewire.deb" file, download it somewhere, let's say in your home, and then you do:
cd ~
sudo dpkg -i limewire.deb

Go on studying: who moves to linux never go back ;-)

@Damiano i think there is not a repository with frostwire in it... where have you found the repos...?

So is still valid for me to download and install the .deb Frostwire package from here

Hope this helps

Damiano Venturin (damko) said : #10

@marcobra I really don't know if he has frostwire in his repos. I don't even know why I have it: maybe it's in hardy repo maybe I just added a repo manually. but that's not the point. it was just an example.
as you say, is still valid the download and the install with dpkg -i

Anukis79 (diety23) said : #11

Thanks Damiano Venturin, that solved my question.