How do I get a free domain name like .net .com .org someone help me!

Asked by cheesecake on 2008-07-01

Will I made a website made a two video on youtube but the one I can find free domain name a can get is .tk or I wish I knew help me umm... if you need to make a website go to and e-mail me or leave something in here to help me
 my website is help

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Jensen Somers (jsomers) said : #1

This is not an Ubuntu related question thus, in my opinion, does not really belong here.

Next to that, if I understand the question correctly, you should go with the one providing you the best service, support and less advertisement.

Best Thinboy00 (thinboy00) said : #2

Just owning a domain name costs money. You also need someone to host it (this could be you, esp. with Linux/Ubuntu, but then you still need internet service with high upload bandwidth and high reliability). If you want to own a domain name, the folks at can help, but it won't be free as in gratis (that is, it will cost more than $0). If you don't like this option, you will have to get a domain name service from another provider (try for cheap service). You may be able to have a site that is self sustaining (i.e. it pays for itself) by putting adsense on it; check out for details. There really is no way to have an ad free, cost free site with its own domain name; the closest you can get AFAICT is at, but even there you don't get your own domain name (or at least, not for free). Note that if you host it yourself, you will have greater control over some things (like HTTP status codes, which also have a wikipedia article) but:
* Your computer and network /will/ run more slowly
* Your site may (depending on bandwidth and cpu) be vulnerable to the slashdot effect (wikipedia has a great article on this)
* It will be more difficult than services like blogger make it out to be; I recommend using software like writer/web if you don't want to hand code HTML and any text editor with syntax highlighting otherwise. You'll also need Apache (again, wikipedia is your friend, or just go to
* The good news: The software side of things will, by and large, be free and open source: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl is a common combination, but you only need the first two for a basic HTML server.

I hope all of this information helps you in some way.

Thinboy00 (thinboy00) said : #3

Oh and btw if you use the server install cd, much of that software I mentioned (Apache, MySQL etc.) is already installed.

cheesecake (cheesecakepop) said : #4

thanks for all your help but .tk is free go there and just enter a domain name and rename it any domain and I need help with creathing a clone neopets and making it mine help please