how to change firefox config param named to set it true

Asked by jai on 2008-05-04

how to change firefox config param named to set it true

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Please open Firefox and type into address bar about:config
if is the first time you are unsing about:config on firefox, a warning windows come in front of you please confirm the "promise".

Then search ( type the name into the "filter row" field ) for the firefox config param named

double click on the filtered row and set it to true

quit and restart firefox

Hope this helps

Added to the faq...
FAQ #96: “firefox starts in offline mode”.

jai (jaiisgreat) said : #3

Thanks marcobra but it doesnt work

and it is set to true by default

SSJxGojita (mpidor) said : #4

why is this in the FAQ when it didn't solve the problem?

Usually it solve, but there is also this bug added to the faq.

Hope this helps

Hannes Coetzee (scorpking) said : #6

open /etc/network/interfaces and make lo like this:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

save and close networkmanager. it should now work (you might have to update the routing table or just restart)

Michael Satke (n9447354) said : #7

Dear Hannes Coetze, that did not help (Unfortunately, my Firefox starts offline, too). Wkr, Michael

Michael Satke (n9447354) said : #8

I could sucessfully solve this problem, though through a radical method:

Using Synaptic package manager I uninstalled "firefox" and "firefox-gnome-support" completely and re-installed it. Since that Firefox always starts in online mode.

Don't forget to back up your bookmarks and passwords ;-) !! Regards, Michael

john_antony40 (john-antony40) said : #9

Disable and stop Network Manager from services(System->Administration->Services, in Services configuration page stop and disable Network Manager).

mziegler (michael-ziegler) said : #10

for me it worked by changing
to true in about:config

Best mziegler (michael-ziegler) said : #11

actually I just found the explanation as well:

jai (jaiisgreat) said : #12

thanks mziegler this did solve my problem but i had to make that value false and then again true to make this work.

Thank you again !!!

Thanks - toolkit.networkmanager.disable works for me too. Springnuts.

KB (johndoesacc) said : #14

Thanks! "toolkit.networkmanager.disable" worked for me too... Could somebody add it to the FAQ?

smhnaji (smhnaji-gmail) said : #15

Me also ;)

Thanks mziegler :)

Marco (makhellion) said : #16

I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and Firefox 3.0.6, and "toolkit.networkmanager.disable=true" solved the problem.


thanks you

pbhj (pbhj) said : #18

Bug still here on Jaunty with 3.0.11. I had network manager uninstalled to fix this (!) but reinstalled to check if things had been sorted.

toolkit.networkmanager.disable works for me too, thanks.

cakecop (cakecop) said : #19

Thanks mziegler
I am using netbook remix 10.10 with FF 3.6.13

Rick Cleland (meanderer) said : #20

I solved the the problem for my own system.
Ubuntu 10.4 had not had this problem with Firefox until recently. With all the talk about Network Manager, I realised I had changed my network manager recently in testing a wireless router that was suffering it's own problems. Forum suggestions directed people to ditch the default Network Manager and install the Wicd Network Manager.
I uninstalled the Wicd Network Manager and reinstalled the Network Manager (original), rebooted the system, and the problem with the Offline Mode was overcome. NOTE: I went through the process again of Swapping the Network Managers and the problem was obviously occurring with the Wicd manager :(