Running latest version of Firefox in Ubuntu 10.04, but certain websites such as Foliosnap tell me my browser is too old... Confused!

Asked by David Hockley on 2010-07-04

I use Foliosnap to maintain and run my website.
When I changed my OS to Ubuntu 10.04 from windows XP, I found the Foliosnap site manager thinks the version of Firefox I am using is too old, when I know for a fact it's the latest one!
At the minute, I can only get to my site manager through an Emulator.
Any suggestions would be greatly received!

Thanks in advance for any help and or suggestions that may ensue!

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Marc Stewart
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If you run:


and search for:


You should be able to see the version number read by sites, make a note of exactly what it says, then change it accordingly to match the actual version number you have. You may also want to try the mozila ppa to install the latest build of the version, it may fix some bugs.

Best Marc Stewart (marc.stewart) said : #2

If a website is telling you your new browser is too old, then it has a problem that you should tell them about.

For now though, you can try pretending to use another browser by changing your User Agent string.
In Firefox, type in the address bar:

You'll be presented with a warning, which you should accept, and then a long list of options.
Right-click the window, and pick New > String.

For the preference name, type:

For the value, try:
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0)

When you next try to visit the troublesome pages, they'll think you're using Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista. If that's also "too new", try changing MSIE 8.0 to MSIE 7.0.

could also try:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade

David Hockley (raven-heart83) said : #4

Thanks Marc Stewart, that solved my question.

David Hockley (raven-heart83) said : #5

That's great, thanks guys for responding so soon!

David Hockley (raven-heart83) said : #6

@ Marc Stewart -
That string worked a treat, but I couldn't use the links in my hotmail inbox!
I adjusted the string slightly and found that "Mozilla/4.0 (comaptible, MSIE 8.0, Windows NT 5.1)" worked a little better.
I used commas instead of the semicolons, which seems to work nicely.
Thanks again