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Asked by Andy Scott on 2011-10-21

How do I go about the following? are they all done in the terminal ? still learning :)

2. Extract the files .conkyrc and to your home folder and make executable.

3. Add ~/ to your Startup Applications.

Gnome 3 shell.

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you can use:

chmod +x ~/

You can now run the startup manager and add a new item to run:


And it will run at boot

Andy Scott (andy-scott14) said : #2

Thanks but do I run these commands in a terminal ?

Where is start up manager ?

Andy Scott (andy-scott14) said : #3

How do I make a file executable ?

Andy Scott (andy-scott14) said : #4

How do I extract files & add to home folder ?

The chmod commands make them executable, yes in terminal

You can extract them but using nautilus as you expect

Andy Scott (andy-scott14) said : #7

you say 'as you expect' but I don't expect as I don't have a clue. How do I extract them & then how do I put them in my home folder ? step by step please. I have tried but when I run 'chmod +x ~/' in a terminal I get

andy@andy-Inspiron-910:~$ chmod +x ~/
chmod: cannot access `/home/andy/': No such file or directory

What am I doing wrong ?

To extract a file, you must have the archive file that contains the file you want to extract. Do you have that file?

If you do, then you can right-click on it and select Extract Here or Extract To...; alternatively, you can extract its contents in the Terminal by running the appropriate decompression program, which is often tar. For example, if the file ends in tar.gz or tar.xz or tar.bz2, then running

tar xvf filename.tar.whatever

(replacing filename.tar.whatever with the actual full filename) will usually be able to figure out what compression is being used, decompress the .tar archive, and extract its contents. You will want to first cd to the directory that contains the archive file. If that doesn't make sense, then please feel free to ask for clarification. If you post to ask for clarification or otherwise to ask for additional assistance on this matter, then please let us know what the archive file is called, and where it is saved on your computer, as best you can.

Finally, if you still need help, please also post a link to the instructions you are following, if they are online.

Andy Scott (andy-scott14) said : #9

'cd to the directory that contains the archive file' ? explain please

Please let us know what the archive file is called, and where it is saved on your computer, as best you can.

larryk335 (larryk335) said : #11

If you are in your web browser and download a tar file does it automatically go to your download folder? If so what do you do to get it where it needs to be if it is a driver?

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