Just a question about Evolution vs Thunderbird and Gmail

Asked by Don Wade on 2009-09-17

I have only been using Ubuntu since 8.04 LTS, so I know little about the finer workings of it. I did upgrade to the 9.04 Jaunty version and like it much better. But here is the problem that I have.....my email of choice is through Google...in other words, I use Gmail. When I tried to set up my accounts for Gmail using Evolution I could receive my emails but could not send. I checked over my settings several times and could not find anything wrong. In frustration, I loaded Thunderbird and tried setting it up for Gmail. It works great...no problems at all. So, what I am asking is simply, what are the main reasons that Evolution is preferred over Thunderbird? Since I have Thunderbird working I'm inclined to keep using it, but now I am curious about the Evolution vs Thunderbird thing. Should I give Evolution another look?


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Id say your setting evolution wrong. Evolution is better integrated into Gnome desktop than thunderbird thats why its the default. Evolution links into a load of services in ubuntu and thunderbird is a great email client but it doesnt have calendar and notes and palm synchronisation. The only problem is evolution has to be set manually. So you should look over your settings but you can use whatever you want anyway. My opinion is that thunderbird is better but I use evolution because I like evolutions integration.

Hope that helps

Don Wade (don-wade61) said : #4

Thanks zvacet, that solved my question.

Don Wade (don-wade61) said : #5

Thanks guys...I appreciate your answers. I did not have my settings as correct as I thought I did. I'll give Evolution another look.

Don Wade (don-wade61) said : #6

In the link that zvacet gave (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingGmailWithEvolution) it mentions that some ISP's block port 25 and to use 587 instead. This information was very helpful to my being able to get Evolution up and working correctly with Gmail.

Thanks everyone for the help. Ubuntu 9.04 rocks!!!!!