no crash but unable to settup account

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Binary package hint: evolution

I made the biggest mistake in my life to try to only use Linux with Evolution instead of Window with Outlook 2007. With this mail client there is no way to send or receive emails because there is no way to enter the settings. (pop) (SSL) / (TLS) authentication...but nothing works ..tried it in all kinds of possibilities but I guess it cannot work because there is no way to enter the password for the mail account. The same thing with and ..all of my mail accounts need the password to access and there is nowhere a possibility to enter it in Evolution. It looks that I will need to setup my system again with Window and Outlook 2007 as I cannot work without a email client. Evolution looks beautiful but is useless if not able to get configured.

ProblemType: Bug
Architecture: i386
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 9.04
ExecutablePath: /usr/bin/evolution
Package: evolution 2.26.1-0ubuntu2
SourcePackage: evolution
Uname: Linux 2.6.28-13-generic i686

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lg8302 (liliane-grimm) said :
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Sebastien Bacher (seb128) said :

ups, ignore the duplicate action got some launchpad edge issue

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lg8302 (liliane-grimm) said :

unable to configure...querying server for an hour without any respond with all possible configuration options. wonder how Evolution should work if there is no way to enter the password for the email accounts. I have manually configured several email clients and never felt so stupid as with evolution. Gmail data found in forums but Evolution 2.26 does not work! I give it another week if not successful I need to set up Windows as operating system again even though I would like Linux so far. But without a working email client it is useless to me. The reason why I fully switched to Linux was because I liked the look of Evolution...just too stupid I did not test it before fully installing Linux. Now I would need to do a full set up again to get Windows back.

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midnightflash (midnightflash) said :

There is even an Evolution-binary for Window$. So...

I tend to know that evolution is asking for the POP/IMAP/SMTP-Server the first time.
While the first connect it asks you for the password. Thats all.

After this you can change the account-settings inside the "settings" ( [shift]+[Ctrl]+[S] ).


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midnightflash (midnightflash) said :

And else... you can try Thunderbird, another very nice Mail-Client.

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lg8302 (liliane-grimm) said :

thanks...then it does not work because it did never ask me for a password. thunderbird I would love to install with Linux but I am not familiar with Linux and it is not as easy to use as Windows. I did not manage to unzip properly that I could run Thunderbird on Linux. It is so easy to install software on Windows and with Linux I have difficulty and was not very successful so far. I managed to unzip but was not able to install Thunderbird so far. I guess Linux is not for "dummies" need to have some more than just PC user knowledge to get this to work. Windows is very easy to use and everything is self explanatory...win98, win2000, win xp pro, vista ultimate...none of these gave me the headache as Linux. The color and the use itself would be great and I like the speed when surfing but.....there are so many but...for me.

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midnightflash (midnightflash) said :

In Windows it's not easy... it's just what you used to do.

Just open the main Menue "Applications" and then hit the button "Add/Install Software" (the very last entry).
There you will find Thunderbird with a little search. Just mark it to install... and Ubuntu will do the rest for you (Download - Install - AllYouNeed).

Just give it a try.

ps: The menues and Buttons might have another exact name (don't have an English system in front of me)... but the meaning should be clear.

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tommaso (mb3-tim) said :

I tried hard and at least succeed in.
The first time a wizard opens to complete, I didn't succeded that time, it took almost 5-6.
So open Evolution and go to Modification>Preferences>Account>Modify, now there are some tabs where pop, imap etc. and smtp etc.; here you can chose ssl tls and other features.

I have a mobile account, maybe a further problem.
a) the account must be set iin as separate servers,
-one for incoming mails, to be sure add a colon and the port number (I use thunderbird on Vista on another pc and copied it);
-another for forwarding mails, its name may/should differ (and also here copied the right port number after a ":" without spaces and quotings)
b) the user, eg *@gmail.???, must be written wholly, while autocompetion only writes the "*" part;
then turn to the first tab and chose as "default" account and Apply.
Then go to file and control that it's not set to offline.
Before tryng to send/receive, open the Web Connections Applet (Cable,Wi-Fi,Mobile,VPN,DSL),
chose yours, and control that data in there are complete and congruous with some of the settings in the account, here also you must set tls ecc. password and certified keys if any.

Now you can press the send/receive button and expect to funcion an applet opens with two bars for incoming and forwarding giving the nr in queue,
and before this action completes an applet opens to ask your gmail password.
If this stop with error reopen file and try reverse online status for sureness. Its logic is Open/Close,
not Online/Offline.
If all has gone to effect given the password it begin the import/export action.
But its not finished, a 2nd passwod is asked by the program KeyWallet(a passwords automatic storage, and this I really deem importune while configuring, why should one set a password since he's not sure if the settings are as he need them?)
I hope this will work because the wonder of Evolution is that you can filter your mails in different directories and subdirectories eg.: work(and subs: object),home(and its subs),friends(and its subs) very simply (less restrictive filters higher in the stack and more restrictive lower) and even in a usb pendrive, but this is the reason I've came here now).
When the operator line is overburden you can have errors, but this happens the same in xp and vista (better to restart the system than change settings that are just allright).
I hope this may help you, anyway to install another program doesn't necessarily mean to build it. Go to System>Administration, open Synaptcs(not the mouse) ad search thunderbird, opera or what else, all the available application compatable with your distro, and it will install them resolving also their dependencies. And even uninstall the ones you don't want if they're not necessary to one you wish to keep (watch carefully from there the properties of the package you're looking at before choosing the changes, eg: I don't use bluetooth or palmtop, but some of their services are needed for a mobile connection)

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lg8302 (liliane-grimm) said :

Thanks midnightflash, that solved my question.

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lg8302 (liliane-grimm) said :

Thanks a lot...since it seams impossible to use Evolution I did try to install Thunderbird and thanks to your tip this was successful in a few problem at all .. so I will keep using Linux and try to get used to it as I finally have a email client working. Just too bad that I cannot deinstall Evolution and reinstall looks to me that there is some error as I had absolutely no problem with Thunderbird.

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lg8302 (liliane-grimm) said :

Evolution still impossible to get to work. I wish there would be a way to deinstall it and reinstall and try again. I cannot tell how many times I tried unsuccessful with Evolution and finally gave Thunderbird a tray and there I works within seconds..I just wished I could try and get Evolution to work...It looks very nice to me I am sure that I would love it as soon as I could get it to work. Any idea how I could just try to reinstall it with Linux? It looks defective to is impossible that this application is just not working ? I am new to Linux and so far managed to configure manually several email clients and never had any problem except with Evolution where I have been trying for the past two weeks and will still continue...any other ideas how I can get this to work.

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midnightflash (midnightflash) said :

You can just delete the ".evolution" directory in your home directory. It is a hidden directory (the dot at the beginning makes it hidden)... so when you are in your home-directory with the file-browser got "view" (maybe called "appearance") and check the box "view hidden files". The as said... just (and only) delete the evolution directory.

Start evolution and look if it works.
Just give that a try.

In 2nd step you can again delete ".evolution" and ".gconf/apps/evolution" (and only the evolution-one not the apps or any other directory) from your home directory.


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