Junk mail marked as read (revisited)

Asked by Ken on 2009-07-03


I'm new to Ubuntu and Evolution, this is also my first post in this platform, so please excuse any mistakes.

I have searched and cannot find a definitive answer, could someone advise me please:-

I am finding that mail which is automatically sent to the Junk folder is also being marked as 'read'.

From readng various other posts I can't conclude if this is a deliberate feature, a bug, or something that can be swithced on/off.

Personally, I find it a very strange feature as I never know if there are messages in the Junk folder that need to be checked/verified... unless I specifically look in the Junk folder.

I would prefer the mail in the Junk folder to be left as marked un-read (hence still bold) so as to give me a visual indication that I need to check the Junk folder.

Is this something I can configure somewhere in the settings?

Thanks for any help/advice.

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Andre Mangan (kyphi) said : #1

Welcome Ken,

This has been reported as a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/evolution/+bug/49703
and has not yet been resolved. You may like to add your comments to the bug report.

Personal comments: I do not use this filter since my ISP has a very efficient filter in place. What I do use is a program called "Mailwasher Pro" from Firetrust which lets me read and/or delete all mail while still on the server prior to downloading. Although written for Windows, the program runs flawlessly in Wine. Here is the URL:
They were in the process of developing a version for both Mac and Linux but that was abandoned since Linux users want their software free of charge ;-)

Ken (ken-cook) said : #2

Hello Andre, thank you for the reply.

I checked your referenced link and that does appear to be the same issue I am having.

I understand what you say about Mailwasher. For many years I have used Pegasus mail client which has the built in ability to review mail prior to download. In fact I am still dual booting with WinXP because mail is important in my situation and I am being extra careful by setting Evolution to leave mail on the server(s) and still downloading to Pegasus as it also contains v-good internal junk filtering.

However, without any disrespect for Evolution developers, I notice that this bug/issue goes back to 2006 in the thread you pointed to and there are other linked threads going back even further!. I also see that the status seems to get changed from low to priority and back to low etc., so I wonder if it will ever be resolved?

Personally I consider this a serious failing of Evolution and I need to consider if it is worth the extensive time and effort to migrate my existing mail to Evolution.

Seems a shame that this issue goes unresolved, it is (so far) the biggest disapointment I have come across with my venture into Ubuntu/Evolution.

This is fixed in Karmic (9.10) so in october just upgrade and it will be fixed. Im using karmic at the moment and it leaves the mail as unread in the spam folder.

Hope that helps

Andre Mangan (kyphi) said : #4

So it is fixed at last - thanks for that information Shane. Evolution continues to evolve.

Just to clarify, Ken, Mailwasher runs in Ubuntu via Wine - so there is no need to boot into XP (just in case you would like to continue to enjoy the preview and mail editing facilities that Pegasus has provided - it also provides junk filters).

Ken (ken-cook) said : #5

Hello Shane, thanks for the heads up, I'll look forward to that upgrade.

Out of curiousity, do you know of anything that can be at this time to remedy this behaviour (settings/patch or something)?... I am brand new to Ubuntu/Evolution so forgive me if that is a silly question.

Hi again Andre and thanks for the extra info.

Yes understood and accepted the Mailwasher under Wine solution, I only referred to Pegasus as an indication that I'm familiar with the 'preview before download' concept, I rarely use it as Pegasus's in built junk handling is v-good.

I'm trying, if possible, to avoid the need to run anything under Wine... something inside me niggles that this kind of defeats the object and as soon as I know Ubuntu and it's applications work for me I intend archiving my Win based system, but I do appreciate your info/suggestion.

Nope nothing can be done at the moment sorry but just make sure the stuff going into the junk folder isnt junk and then you shouldnt have a problem.

Ken (ken-cook) said : #7

Understood, thanks Shane.

Jeruvy (jeruvy) said : #8

Just a comment about Mailwasher. I too was a registered user (IE: I bought it) and the tool was incapable of handling huge quantities of spam (for example forged mail back scatter) to the point I had to seek real solutions such as using spamassassin on my mail server and spamassassin/bogofilter on the client ends. Mailwasher simply isn't worth the money considering how limited its ability is. Firetrust is not a company that cares about 'best case' solutions, just well marketted products to make money, hence they never bothered building for GNU/Linux because there are such better alternatives that come with source code.