i am a new user and have a problem with evolution (receive) that wants to unlock keyring.. how do i get past this.. is it in evolution or in unbuntu ??

Asked by dassa on 2009-05-03

as a first user and finding my way around ...i seem to send in evolution ok but on receive it asks me to password to unlock key ring (and my email account, even though no encryption is selected and remember email password is selected) ... if i continue to cancel all the messages it is then ok.and diplays all emails ...looking around i found that under (main menu) applications/accessories/password and encryption keys a security tab that displayed the password set as default i deleted this and then it all worked ok until i rebooted and it came back again ... make sense ... any help ???? thanks

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Siyan Panayotov
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Siyan Panayotov (xsisqox) said : #1

Have you changed your login password, since you installed the operation system? If so, you have to unlock the keyring with the same password you entered, when installing the operation system.
Also, after deleting the password stored in the key ring (applications/accessories/password and encryption keys), then evolution asks you again for the password (as you said), but if you check "Remember password" (in the password dialog), evolution stores the password in the keyring again ...

dassa (dasutton) said : #2

thanks for your help ... i started off with ver 8.10 but a few days after 9.04 came out so i redid everything ... maybe something has clashed and passwords mixed up ... i will start all over again ... next is how to delete all for reinstall but still keep windows ... sorry new question as well ... any more help ???

Best Siyan Panayotov (xsisqox) said : #3

Hi again,
Reinstalling linux is like reinstalling Windows - Run the cd, choose the partition, which now is occupied by Ubuntu, and it will all be overwritten. No fear ... Windows won't be touched, as long as you don't check the "Format partition" check box on the Windows's partition. At the end, the wizard show's you what changes will be applied, before they are actually appliedq so you can allways go back and correct it ... if you are unsure - ask :)

dassa (dasutton) said : #4

Thanks Siyan Panayotov, that solved my question.

Aaron Remley (remleys-west) said : #5

I am using the same password I used when I installed the Ubuntu operating system but the message still says - An application wants to access to the keyring 'Default' but it is locked.

How can I work around this message - Evolution is not being able to access my Hotmail account because of this problem.

Donato Roque (donato-roque) said : #6

Your login password and keyring password are two different things. A change in password for your login doesn't mean your keyring follows.

So let's say you change your login password. Go to System>Preferences>About Me. :)
And you want the same password for the keyring so that it wont prompt you after you login, go to Applications>Accessories>Password and Encryptions. Right-click and change the password.

This is also useful in cases where you want to let friends use your laptop and block access to sensitive applications (evolution, empathy, gwibber). Just make the keyring password unique from the login password.