Can I switch off evolution imap server ping?

Asked by Stephan Elsner on 2007-05-16

Evolution wants to ping imap server of my provider but sadly that is not allowed and I get annoying error messages from evolution.
How can I switch off the ping?

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Stephan Elsner (elsni) said : #1

Evolution wants to ping imap server of my provider but sadly that is not allowed and I get annoying error messages from evolution.
How can I switch off the ping?

Massimo Forti (slackwarelife) said : #2

Thanks for your question, you have probably active the time post control. Try di disable it to stop the request to the server. Thanks

Stephan Elsner (elsni) said : #3

Time post control? Do you mean that evolution scans the mail server for new messages periodically? No, it's switched off.

Massimo Forti (slackwarelife) said : #4

Thanks. Ok I mean "evolution scans the mail server for new messages periodically". But you have it off. You can report the exactky error you recive ??? Thanks

Stephan Elsner (elsni) said : #5

Thank you for your answers.
Yes, the ping message occurs even if I switch off "time post control". I have three ubuntu machines and it is switched off everywhere - and every mashine shows the "cant ping server" error.

Massimo Forti (slackwarelife) said : #6

Sorry, which version of ubuntu are you using now. Thanks

Stephan Elsner (elsni) said : #7

I'm using Feisty with latest updates

Massimo Forti (slackwarelife) said : #8

Open a shell and do:

$: evolution

After work and post the result of the shell output. Thanks

Stephan Elsner (elsni) said : #9

Here comes the output. The original I was writing the question did not produce any output. the lines "process 8402" and following were written after quitting evolution (kliking the close button on the evolution main window)

elsni@kraftklotz:~$ evolution
CalDAV Eplugin starting up ...

(evolution-2.10:8402): evolution-mail-WARNING **: ignored this junk plugin: not enabled or we have already loaded one

(evolution-2.10:8402): e-utils-WARNING **: Plugin 'Spamassassin-Plugin' failed to load hook 'org.gnome.evolution.mail.junk:1.0'
** (evolution-2.10:8402): DEBUG: mailto URL command: evolution %s
** (evolution-2.10:8402): DEBUG: mailto URL program: evolution
process 8402: The last reference on a connection was dropped without closing the connection. This is a bug in an application. See dbus_connection_unref() documentation for details.
Most likely, the application was supposed to call dbus_connection_close(), since this is a private connection.

Massimo Forti (slackwarelife) said : #10

I remeber you. I try to search on the net. You have done some other test ??? Thanks many

there really should be an option to stop this - in fact, why does it even bother - just try the imap connection? I think this is a bug that should be passed upstream. In my case it looks like evolution is waiting for the ping to work (which will never happen) - so it slows down acceptance of email.

Manuel (manuel-vacelet) said : #12

I confirm I have the same issue using evolution with an imap server that block icmp requests (ping). I'm using an up to date Gutsy.

Allen Riddell (ariddell) said : #13

I'd like to turn off the obtrusive error as well. Using gutsy.

Chris Roddy (cmr) said : #14

Has this been passed upstream yet? This behavior is totally pointless, as it suspends all message filtering activity in order to display a useless warning about transient network troubles.

Simon (simschi) said : #15

Years passed by and I still have the same issues here with latest updates...

Francis Yaw Amoah (fya) said : #16

Same issue here with precise.

Alessandro Lattao (blackhole) said : #17

Same here :D

Same problem with Ubuntu 12.04 and Evolution 3.2.3 on
The message is "disconnected from the server by unexpected way..."

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