After re-creating exchange account prior email missing

Asked by silentpete

Unubtu 8.04 with full updates as of 2008-aug-6

After working with Evolution for a couple hours I deleted the exchange account cause it was acting up a little, thought I set something up wrong even though email was working correctly. I re-created the exchange account:
UN: username
click auth and mailbox autofills
checked the GAL server, correct
All basic settings

This seems to work correctly within the local exchange network.

 I am missing only "Inbox" emails prior to the re-creation of the exchange account? (They are in the "Inbox" on OWA though.)

What I have tried:
Checking the "filters"
Checking the "sorted by"
Checking the "Trash"
Checking the "Junk"
Checking all other folders
Unchecking the account, restarting, then turning back on the account
Completely removeing "evolution" and "evolution-exchange" - reinstalling

Obviously, How do I get back my prior inbox items?
And, I read ariticle ( ) and it mentions clearing cache, could this be an option with this later version of Evolution?

Thanks everyone!

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Trygve Vea (trygve-vea-gmail) said :

The Exchange-plugin is signifigantly slower than most other plugins, since it's somewhat of a hack. When you reconfigure the Exchange-account, you should be somewhat patient with refreshing the Inbox.

But if you don't have any success with that, I suggest you kill all processes with the word "evolution" in the name, and rename the .evolution directory in your home directory - followed by recreation of the exchange-account in Evolution. It has done the trick for me in the past.

(on a sidenote: the exchange plugin is likely to be replaced with a mapi-plugin --- when libmapi is included into gnome in 2.24)

I hope this helps, although I didn't say very much ...

Regards, Trygve

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silentpete (peter-gallerani) said :

I have looked in the "/home" directory and I see no .evolution directory?

Thanks for the post, hoping it will do the trick.

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Trygve Vea (trygve-vea-gmail) said :

I mean in your users home directory :)

Which will be /home/yourusername

I hope this corrected the little misunderstanding :)

Regards, Trygve

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silentpete (peter-gallerani) said :

Thank you very much Trygve!!

That did the trick

Also, since I am new, I had to look and found the "show hidden files", then I was good to go.