How to use face plugin?

Asked by LEVIS Cyril on 2008-03-10

Binary package hint: evolution

Face plugin is enable by default (portrait in french) but how to use it.
This is not clear and I don't find the gui for do it.

Must I create a faces folder in .evolution? I put inside a file name "face.png"?

Could you say me more please?

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Thomas Butter (tbutter) said : #1

The face plugin adds a small png to a header in every outgoing message.

LEVIS Cyril (atlas95) said : #2

Yes but how to use it? How to set the face? It use the gnome .face in home directory?

Thomas Butter (tbutter) said : #3

Just add a 48x48 pixel png file to the folder .evolution with the name "faces". It is then added to every message in a face header. If the other mail client supports this header the recipient will see your face.

LEVIS Cyril (atlas95) said : #4

I have create a faces file which is a png file 48x48px in the .evolution folder.
I have restart and send to myself somes mails and don't view it...
More idea...?

Thomas Butter (tbutter) said : #5

I am sorry - it really does not work. You were right that it is a bug.

LEVIS Cyril (atlas95) said : #6

How could, cool you solve it so?
Report it to maintener? ...
Best regards, thanks for you help, this seems to be a very function I will be happy if it workfs!!

LEVIS Cyril (atlas95) said : #7

I have try another thing!
For use it, open a new mail, click insert/face (Insérer/Portrait in french) Then you must choose a 48x48px 700bits file.
If I create a faces file this doesn't ask me what file I want to choose, but send a corrupt file.

We must investigate or found really how it works... for the moment I must choose my face for each mail.

Jeremy Visser (jeremy-visser) said : #8

This is annoying me too. This is from the description of the plugin:

"Attach Face header to outgoing messages. First time the user needs to configure a 48*48 png image. It is base64 encoded and stored in ~/.evolution/faces This will be used in messages that are sent further."

The last sentence of that ("This will be used in messages that are sent further.") is what I can't figure out. As far as I'm aware, that functionality actually doesn't exist, or is broken.

Glen Turner (gdt-gdt) said : #9

Had a play with the plugin. You need to create a file which meets the Faces specification, described well at
It just can't be any 48x48 .PNG file, it has to be very small too.

The plugin has a bug, it will only copy the first line of the Base64-encoded .PNG image into the mail header. The trick is to place all of the Base64 encoding onto one line. This isn't the typical behaviour of a Base64 encoder, usually they cut the output into short lines.

A working example of encoding:
openssl base64 -e -A < face.png > ~/.evolution/faces

Now re-start Evolution, create a New message, Insert | Face, then Send. If you do not do Insert | Face then there is no face inserted into the e-mail.

Thanks Glen, That's a great 30 second solution. After setting this up as you recommended it works like a charm.

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