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Asked by Swaraj Jeyasingh on 2013-01-22

I use Evolutionm 3.2.3 quite happily on 12.04 with a few issues. (e.g cant get templates to work)
I gather Evolution is now no longer supported in Ubuntu and hence no new versions are available on Software manager.

Can I nevertheless upgrade it and how do I do that. I have downloaded the latest version from the eloution website but cant figure out how to install. Has it got to be recompiled from source perhaps.

Anyone doen this or know if this is a good idea to even try.



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Warren Hill (warren-hill) said : #1

Looking at the packages for evolution in ubuntu it is still supported. It's just not one of the default installations any more.
see here


You will get a later version if you upgrade to 12.10

Alternatively you can request a backport by following the procedure here


Alternatively the deb file from quantal is here http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/evolution

Check the dependencies carefully and if they are met on your system you can manually install from there.

Why would it not be supported, the fact it isn't default installed is no reflection on it's support. Evolution is still developed and very supported.

Where did you hear it is no longer supported?

Also see

Look at how active the updates are.

Swaraj Jeyasingh (swaraj-k) said : #4

Andrew-woodhead666 :Excuse my misuse of terminology. All I meant that the Ubuntu Software Centre did not list the latest versions and I read something about it being no longer distributed as part of Ubuntu - though I cant understand the reasons why some apps are and some arent. Cant pretend to understand how all this works.

But I am aware that its alive and kicking as I downloaded the latest version. Just looking for help in applying this upgrade. II assume later versions will NOT be listed in the software centre? Or will they if I upgrade to 12.10 as stated by Warren-Hil. Might just take that route.

If you don't know how it all works then use plain language rather then the wrong technical word and not meaning what you intend

Ubuntu is not a rolling release distribution. Packages will stay quite old as the packages are tested (even more so in LTS releases). Ubuntu's aim is to be a good starting Linux distribution for Linux newcomers and non-techies so you can understand why they want a solid OS. Pre-releases get a lot of updates but are not designed for the lay user.

Swaraj Jeyasingh (swaraj-k) said : #6

OK. Thanks for your help.