lost mail after upgrade to ubuntu 11.10

Asked by Ad Doornbos on 2012-11-06

After I upgraded tot Ubuntu 11.10 I found nomore documents in my inbox, outbox or sent. My contacts where stil there.
After reading question 174156 I checked home/youruser/.local/share/evolution/mail/local. But I found no folder inbox there. The folders out and sent were there, but empty.
In evolution I still have the folder inbox, and new received mail, since the upgrade, are there. And I can sent mail aswell. So evolution functions normal. I wonder where the old files are; cant find them.

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Warren Hill (warren-hill) said : #1

1. Why have you upgraded to 11.10 given that support suns out April 2013? I would have thought 12.04LTS or 12.10 would have been the more obvious choice.

2. Which version of Ubuntu were you running before and how did you upgrade? Was this a fresh install, backing up first, or via upgrade manager?

3. Did you backup your evolution before the upgrade. If not we there is probably nothing we can do but if you do we may be able to restore from your backups

Ad Doornbos (ad-doornbos) said : #2

I got a warningmessage on my screen that my current version of ubuntu was no longer supported, and that for a save use of the software it would be wise to upgrade. So i decided to upgrade and activated the upgrade-button on the screen. After the upgradeprocess was completed i saw that the next version 12.10 was also available. But as 11.10 was working well i decided to keep it that way for the timebeing.
I don know which version of ubuntu i used before, but probably the version before 11.10.
As i did upgrades for ubuntu before 11.10 without any problems or loss of data, i made no back-up of my email. I did not expect any problems after the upgrade. However my emails are not that important to me, so my problem is not too big. I was just wondering why they disappeared or what i did wrong. So if there no way of getting these emails back, its alright with me.

Best Warren Hill (warren-hill) said : #3

Most of the time updates go smoothly but they can occasionally go wrong. I would always do a backup before any significant change to my system. Its good to get into the habit of backing up regularly as Its not unknown for hardware to fail too.

I know the problem is not fixed but if you don't intend to pursue this any further please mark the question solved to close it.

Ad Doornbos (ad-doornbos) said : #4

Thanks Warren Hill, that solved my question.