Search Issues with evolution on 11.10

Asked by Geoff J on 2012-02-24

Since upgrading to 11.10 and the new evolution, my search system does not seem to work.

When I enter a name that is part of the email address, it only finds it if it is the beginning of the address. Also, it does not find all examples.

e.g, I entered geoff looking for recipients so it should show every email that I have received but it only shows me 9!

evolution tells me there are 1037 in the mailbox but the properties of the folder thells me there are only 15!

Another folder contains only 12 emails (including deleted items) but it tells me there are 162 messages in the folder.

Something is clearly not right and must have happened when it imported the original folders and changed the mailbox format.

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution other than resetting the entire installaton and reimporting all the mails?

This is evolution 3.2.2 on ubuntu 11.10 kernel linux 3.0.0-16-generic with Gnome 3.2.1

Help is always appreciated.


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Geoff J (geoff-jankowski) said : #1

OK I found a solution. I compared the number of messages shown wiht the number in the properties. If these matched the folder was OK.

Where they did not match, I moved emails from the folder to a spare empty folder, deleted the folder then made it again and transferred the messages back to it. The numbers then matched and searching is fine.

On the largest folder, it seemed very broken and when I moved files, they appeared to remain (as a header in the pane) but in fact had gone, so this complicated things a little. Eventually after moving over 1000 mails, I was able to delete and rebuild the folder and now everything seems to be OK.

Not sure if anyone else will experience this but I am posting it just in case.