update evolution on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Asked by Edmund on 2012-01-08

Hi Guys,

What is the way to go to install the latest Evolution version in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS?
The installed version is very old (2.28.3 ) and this version doesn't show my reminders for birthday's for the whole period BEFORE
such birthday. I hope this is fixed in a later evolution version.


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Sasa Paporovic (melchiaros) said :

Hi, Edmund

when you start the program software package sources (or similiar) the shoud be an menu called "actualisations".

There is an option for pre-released actualisation. When you enable that you might have luck to get a newer version of evolution.

So, you are on a very conservative system with Ubuntu LTS. When you will hold it like that only update with synaptic evolution and it's dependences. After that disable pre-released actualisation.

When you know that all and that does not fix your needs, write again.

Beside this you may want to perform a distribution upgrade to get a newer Ubuntu without erasing your dataUupgrade in running enviroment- background). Write about when it is like that. (sudo apt-get dist-upgrade).

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Edmund (zedsoft) said :

Thanks melchiaros,

Unfortunately adding the pre-released package didn't show a newer evolution.
Neither did selecting the - normal releases- vs the LTS releases updates.
No I do not want a distribution update, I briefly looked at the 11.04 version and it
was rather slow/ unresponsive. Besides that I don't see the logic in changing my
whole OS when I just want the latest release of 1 software program.
I specifically choose an LTS version thinking such Long Term Support would update
software and repositories, but it seems I was wrong about that. I wonder what LTS
means if there are no software updates?
Never thought it would be so difficult to just update a piece of software.


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Sasa Paporovic (melchiaros) said :

Yes that is the thing with LTS there are only neccesary/security updates. The rest is keept constant and your wondering is correct in this kind. You will not see really new software there. -> That is the price for LTS. I do not know any other distribution that handle this other.

So, I post this here just as a comment and not as an answer. somebody else may come arround and have help for you.

All other options to select one software of the newst version is much more painfull and destabilising for the system than doing a system upgrade(by the way: running tow times apt-get dist-upgrade bring the system to 11.10, which is actual stable).

You may search for personal repositories that provide what you need for 10.04. They called PPA. Good luck.

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Best Sam_ (and-sam) said :

> I wonder what LTS means

Stability, Stability, Stability since LTS is used by thousands of clients of huge enterprises.
btw. the coming LTS 12.04 will have five year support instead of three.

You could enable 'backports' in software sources and update package cache.
Please take note from details there before.

Just in case there're existing ppa.

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Edmund (zedsoft) said :

Thank a lot Sam and others too.
This seems like a good solution but in the mean time I found a "evolution -plugin" which cured the disappearing birthday reminder
and it works as it should.
As long as I don't experience other problems with evolution, I let it be as it is now.

Thanks again.