Two Suggestions for Evolution on Netbooks

Asked by Mark Dwyer on 2011-02-19

Given the shortage of screen space on a netbook, I would like to use Evolution without the side bar. The problem with this is that I do not know how to navigate between folders and between different email accounts without the side bar. It would be nice if there was a way to do this.

Second, the main preferences window does not fit on a netbook screen (1024x600). It would be nice if this could be reconfigured to fit on the screen.

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Somebody else may be able to advise how you can tweak evolution but I don't use it personally

The issue in the second of your two suggestions (regarding the preferences window not fitting on a netbook's screen) seems certainly to be a bug; I recommend reporting it as one. To do that, read carefully, search for the bug (as explained on that page), and then report it by going to Help > Report a Problem... in Evolution.

After you've reported the bug, you should link this page to it using the "Link existing bug" link at the top of this page. However, your bug report should be self-contained; it should not be necessary for the Ubuntu developers to refer back to this page, in order to understand and appreciate your bug report.

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Did you end up reporting any bug(s) and or posting at

Mark Dwyer (mdwy62) said : #5

Thanks for the reminder. I linked to the Setup Assistant bug. The preferences screen may be different, but maybe the fix for one will fix the other.

I also posted the idea to make the sidbar optional in evolution at: (#25)

along with being able to click the mail notification drop down menu and go directly to a specific inbox.

"I linked to the Setup Assistant bug. The preferences screen may be different, but maybe the fix for one will fix the other."

If there are differences between your situation and an existing bug but you believe your situation is really the same bug as that, then you should post a comment in that bug. Then others can (1) evaluate that idea and, if appropriate, ask you to post a separate bug, or (2) become aware that the existing bug has additional ramifications.

Mark Dwyer (mdwy62) said : #7

Thanks again. Just checked comments. The preference window is already mentioned in the comments.