Where is the face plugin?

Asked by John Marter on 2010-11-25

I have read through this question and have set up a faces file as described: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution/+question/26770

However, I cannot find any way to take advantage of it. The insert menu does not show an option for faces. The plugins screen does not show a face plugin. Sending an email to myself, I do not see face in the headers, although that is checked as a header to show in preferences.

I have installed evolutions-plugins and evolution-plugins-experimental (both 2.30.3-1ubuntu7.1 as is the main evolution package). The description of evolution-plugins-experimental says it provides face, but the installed file list suggests it does not really have it; it looks as if it only has 2 of the claimed plugins, external-editor and tnef-attachments.

The one file I see installed that does seem related it /usr/share/gconf/schemas/apps_evolution_eplugin_face.schemas. It appears to describe a bool setting for the plugin, but I don't really understand it.

What am I missing?

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Larry Jordan (larryjor) said : #1

      I'm not sure what the question is - if you are referring to seeing the sender's photograph, try going to Edit->Preferences, look under the Headers tab and make sure you have selected "Show the photograph of sender in the message preview". There is also a checkbox on the page for "Face", but I'm not familiar with that. Never really used either, but hope this is of some help.

John Marter (gjmarter) said : #2

I do have both the "Show..." setting and the "Face" header checked.

My main concern is that I want to send mail from evolution with the Face header so that a suitably equipped receiver of my email can see my picture.

I wanted to say that the "Show the photograph..." setting that you referred to is working fine, but it occurs to me that I have not tried it. My understanding is that it should show either from your contacts or from the face header of the incoming mail. I have the "Search for senders photograph only in local address books" unchecked. So I added a photo to the contact for someone that I already have an email from and then checked the email. The face did not show up there.

I don't know if this is related to my primary problem. I have only been aware of this aspect of the problem for a few minutes. I do know that when I check the headers of the mail that I send to myself (either in Sent Items or Inbox) the face header is not there, even when using ctrl-U to look at the message source.

John Marter (gjmarter) said : #3

Looking through the 2.30 source, I came across this file:


It suggests to me that there should be a file named org-gnome-face.eplug somewhere. That makes sense to me. There are a lot of files named *.eplug in /usr/lib/evolution/2.30/plugins

The following command shows the packages providing the plugins that are currently in that directory:

locate .eplug | grep '2\.30' | xargs dpkg --search | cut -d : -f 1 | sort -u

It comes up with

Is there a package that provides org-gnome-face.eplug ? How do I search for that?

John Marter (gjmarter) said : #4

I'm on the trail of this file (org-gnome-face.eplug). This link shows that it was in 2.28, so that probably explains the origin of the description for evolution-plugins-experimental saying that it had the faces plugin.


A little more digging and I found the ubuntu package changelogs

evolution ( experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream bugfix release.
  * debian/patches:
    - 03_fix-face-plugin-linking dropped, included upstream.


So it was removed from experimental because it is included upstream. That still leaves me scratching my head though. What package is it in now? I would naively think it should be either evolution or evolution-plugins but I do not see it there.

John Marter (gjmarter) said : #5

I'm still trying to figure out where org-gnome-face.eplug can be found. It occurred to me that the changelog entry in my last message really did not say anything about where the face plug-in is. It was simply about a patch involving the face plugin which is now included. The face plugin itself has been part of the evolution source in the plugin directory at least as far back as the git archive goes. Searching for face in configure.ac shows that the plugin is still part of the experimental set. That suggests to me that the proper package would be evolution-plugins-experimental.

I see nothing in the changelog for the package to suggest that this has been intentionally removed from that package. I don't know how I can identify the release in which it was removed. I am hopeful that if I can find that then I would have a clue about where the plugin is now.

John Marter (gjmarter) said : #6

Debian has the face plugin in evolution-plugins and has since revision 877 (2007-09-23) in their SVN repository

In commit 33 (2010-05-17) when resyncing with Debian face was dropped from evolution-plugins-experimental and it was not added to evolution-plugins. Since this effect is not mentioned specifically, I assume it is a bug and I will open a report.

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