No email functionality with evolution and exchange server

Asked by Paddy MacMahon on 2010-10-10

I have upgraded to Maverick in the last couple of days. Evolution (2.30.3) has no email functionality with my work Exchange Server:

The account appears in the sidebar, but on clicking the triangle to expand to show my folders (Inbox, Sent items, etc) a 'loading' message flashes up and then disappears after a fraction of a second - no folders are visible. No messages appear anywhere.

I can compose a new message and click send, and all seems well (no error message), except that no email ever arrives at the destination account.

The calendar, contacts and tasks all seem to be working correctly, so Evolution is obviously communicating on some level with the Exchange Server.

If I enter preferences and then edit account, I can see details like my out of office message, folder sizes, etc, but when I exit the account editor, Evolution invariably crashes and needs a 'force quit'.

I have deleted and re-added the account details, I have uninstalled and re-installed Evolution, and the problem persists.
Everything was working fine (apart from occasional losses of Exchange Backend process) in 10.04.


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hmm. Nothing there which relates to my problem, actionparsnip.

I don't have any issues setting up a connection with the Exchange server - Evolution is clearly communicating with it (calendar, tasks, contacts are all present!), it just doesn't have any email functionality AT ALL: no folders appear, sent items are nothing of the sort (but they appear in the 'On This Computer' Sent folder).

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