Evolution [Open Link In Browser] not working for new eBay email hyperlinks

Asked by Andy Mallett on 2010-07-29

I am running the following - Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 + Firefox 3.6.8 + Evolution 2.28.3

On the 26th July 2010, eBay (in their wisdom !) changed the structure of their notification emails, unfortunately since this change I have been unable (in Evolution mail) to click on the hyperlinks back to the eBay website without the resulting eBay web page showing a variety of errors.

Before this issue arose, the eBay email hyperlinks had the structure such as -
and Evolution still opens these links correctly.

After the eBay change the links look like -


-now if within Evolution I hover over the hyperlink and select "[Copy Link Location]", then paste the result in Firefox, then I get the result I would expect.

HOWEVER if in the same link I try to either "[Open Link In Browser]", or simply double clicking the mouse to open the link into Firefox, then the URL that Firefox receives looks like -


- which turns out to be invalid !

What can I do to get Evolution to send the correct form of the URL to Firefox ? - or is this an Evolution bug.

I have tried the route of repeatedly contacting eBay support, and just because I'm not running Internet explorer they don't care that their change has stopped me using their site, and that I should contact Mozilla because there must be a bug in Firefox !. That does seem to be their answer to everything, clear all your browser cache and history, then reset all applications back to the default settings !. - pathetic !!!

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Hi Andre,

I agree that when I use a different email client, then selecting any of the links works. It is only when I use Evolution that there is a problem.

In your reply above, if you open the first link to "http://rover.ebay..." into Firefox do you not get an error ?

I see -

But should see -

Sorry about my previous posting as I was trying to embed the screen capture images in my response but obviously failed.

So I am posting the links again (without the surrounding "[img] [/img]")


I see -

But should see -

André Carezia (carezia) said : #4

I see your problem now. Seems that evolution is decoding the escape codes (%3A, %2F, etc) that are present in the original URL, but the application on eBay needs those escape codes intact.

Maybe it is an Evolution bug, as it should not alter the URL while sending it to Firefox.

André Carezia (carezia) said : #5

I checked the evolution source code:


Inside e-util/e-util.c file, there is a function e_show_uri(). Before it passes the URL to Firefox, it removes the escape codes by calling camel_url_decode():


So I think you really should open an evolution bug and see if anyone can come with an explanation for this behavior.

Thanks Andre for your help, I will try and create a bug report as you suggested.

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