Evolution is not ready for people, yet again.

Asked by John Winterton on 2010-06-20

Evolution 2.28.3 on UBUNTU 10.4 updated to current.

This is not a question, but a report card.

If I had not used other mailers, I might be able to stand the present state of this package but it lacks things that are default in such packages as Mozilla Thunderbird, which is also available free. This package should look for new mail when it is launched. It is a nuisance to have to push the send/receive button when you have just launched the package. Furthermore, it came up in off-line state, which is the opposite assumption that most users make. Because I use the mail-notification daemon, this is doubly annoying.

In the packaging, one of the Spam filters should be made mandatory. I prefer spamassassin, but you could use the other one, or both as requirements in the package for installation.

Furthermore, I do not need all the groupware features, and it should be possible to selectively exclude them when the package is called the first time.

Overall, I rate this package at C-. For individual users, not needing all the groupware stuff, rating is D.

I have been a computer programmer, system developer, operating system developer, systems analyst and teacher since 1962, and frankly, fellows, you ought to be able to do better than this. If this was a class project in one of my post-secondary assignments, I would give you a D or a Fail depending on how my coffee was.

For the few days that I expect to keep this site active, I will remain on Evolution, but when I return to my usual site, I will be on Thunderbird, and will probably not look at Evolution again.

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You are wrong in two things: it does not default to off-line mode at least in all the Ubuntus I have installed in my life and it does check for new emails on startup (for POP and IMAP accouts), but it does not open the small progress window (look at the status bar).
My aunt is people and she uses Evolution.

GREG T. (ubuntuer) said : #2

 i am just an normal person with a pc self learning . from windows 95, 98, 98se, xp, then ubuntu 7.04 - 10.04 . i used evolution and after i set my preference i never had any problems . may be i would better at your job than you are .! also that is why there are choices of what mail service you want .

wojox (wojox) said : #3

Cool story Bro.

Raymond Trim (raytrim83) said : #4

I am people as well and I have no problems with Evolution since Ubuntu 8.04.

John Winterton (jwinterton) said : #5

Well, I have tried it on more than one occasion, with varied results. I guess I am just thoroughly used to Thunderbird. Since I don't really need most of the features you offer in Evolution (competing with a general mail and conference system), I guess I'll just stick to the "smaller' package. Maybe it is just a look and feel problem I am having with your interface, but I choose not to pursue this further.