How can I open a PDF in two Evince windows?

Asked by Michael Pacey on 2009-06-17

I have a text book in PDF format. While reading the main text I need to make reference to various appendices at the end of the PDF. It takes too long to scroll to the end and come back to the point in the main text where I left off. Also I have to remember where in the text I was, which is annoying.

A solution would be to have two windows, one viewing the main text and the other viewing the appendices. I've tried double clicking the PDF to open it again but this just brings my already-open window to the foreground. I've also tried starting evince from the shell with the filename as an argument - again, this just raises the existing window.

Please advise!



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Takmadeus (takmadeus) said : #1

you could always use another pdf reader at the same time, for example, xpdf...

That should do the trick ;)

Michael Pacey (michael-wd21) said : #2

That's a possibility, thanks, but it is a work-around.

In fact what I've done is to create a copy of the file and I can
open that in a separate window. I shouldn't really have to install two
PDF readers to do this or double the storage space required for the PDF
(it's over 100MB).

So I think this is a feature request. Do I have file a separate bug
report to get this treated as such? If so I think that's a bug with the
Answers system.



Best Takmadeus (takmadeus) said : #3

well, if it is a request, you can file a bug, but mark it as a wishlist, then it can be analyzed and worked on by the evince team.

Of course my suggestion is a workaround as there is no method (that I can recall) to make evince work as you suggest (at least not for the moment)

To this workaround, well, xpdf takes less that 10 megs of disk space, so I don't think it will add too much of a load on your system... for now I believe is the best choice.


Takmadeus ;)

Michael Pacey (michael-wd21) said : #4

Thanks Takmadeus, that solved my question.

Michael Pacey (michael-wd21) said : #5

Wait! File / Open a Copy is the option I was looking for!

The option is right there. I'm a fool. Sorry!


Takmadeus (takmadeus) said : #6

No problems ;) I am glad that you could solve that need ;)

Golgotha Kinslayer (kinslayer) said : #7

Or, use the field where you can type in page numbers. It remembers what pages you have jumped to on that document (until you close it). The back button (you can add it with Edit > Toolbar) can then be used to move quickly between pages.