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Asked by Pursuer on 2008-04-09

I can print, but am wondering how to print as a book. I know how to do this on Windows, of course, but I am new to Ubuntu and would like to be able to print things out as a fold-up book. Thank you in advance!

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trylik (marek-nasionka) said : #1

if your printer doesnt have duplex unit you can try to print odd pages first, then flip pages and print even pages

Pursuer (pursuer) said : #3

First, where would I look to see if it has a duplex unit? I have found the section that would allow me to do Pages 1 and 2 on the same page.... but that's not how a book would actually be put together. (It's almost 240 pages, I really want to save some ink!) I would have to some how be able to input the last page, then the first page, then on the back half, input the second page and then the next to last page. Is there a way for me to do that? I didn't
Secondly, I just found how to do even, odd. :) (Same section as where I found doing page 1 and 2 on same page)
Thank you for your help!

I have OpenOffice, though using Adobe (through Ubuntu CE) for what I am wanting to print. I remember downloading a CUPS printer device of some sort... but unsure if that's kprinter or not (it doesn't say so at the top of my printer selection box so I am assuming not). Will kprint work with a hp deskjet3520, or does it not matter? Thank you in advance!

I am VERY new to any kind of LInux system, so I am appreciative of your time and patience! Thank you!

OK, it turns out the link I posted probably wasn't particularly useful for Ubuntu (as the printing mechanism seems to make it unreasonably difficult to pipe output to an external program, grr). Instead, install the program page-crunch, which will take eg. an A4 pdf, resize and sort the pages and output a pdf you can print onto A4 and fold in half to make an A5 booklet. I think that's what you're asking for, right?

To install it, either use synaptic from the menu or type

sudo aptitude install page-crunch

in a terminal.

I hadn't encountered page-crunch before now so I don't know much about it, or how well it works. It looks a bit elderly and ugly but it seemed to work for me on a simple document. By default there are two boxes at the bottom that say 'xpdf' and 'gv', you should replace both of those with 'evince'.

Here's another alternative idea (untested by me):

Hope this helps, good luck

Actually, 240 pages is a lot for a simple booklet like this. I don't think you're going to get a staple through 60 sheets. The general term for printing things in such a way that you can make book(let)s out of them is 'imposition', and gets quite complex, if you feel like googling it.

trylik (marek-nasionka) said : #6

Joeboy, you can check if your printer has duplex unit, by checking this in manual for your model

when i need to print a book i print two pages on one sheet, and with duplex on short edge, then i join pages by left - short edge

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