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Asked by Spaniard on 2007-10-26

Hi, I have a problem where I have no sound in ubuntu (v 7.10).
It's not an issue with the programs, as there are also no system sounds.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 model laptop.

I am also a first time user of Linux/Ubuntu, so be gentle.


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The sound is muted by default after the installation, so the first thing you
should do
is to check the sound applet near the clock and the preferences.

If that doesn't work, try opening a terminal from Applications menu and type
the following

sudo alsamixer

When asked for a password just insert the one you set during the install.
A simple mixer should appear, showing the status of all sound-related
Check which ones have MM under, then select them one by one and press M key
to unmute them.
Exit alsamixer by pressing Esc and type

sudo alsactl store

Please let me know whether one of these two solutions solve your problem.



Spaniard (draco-459) said : #2

Hi. Unfortunately, neither of those managed to fix the problem.
If it helps, in the "Alsamixer" screen, only the master and PCM volume ones seem to be
'on', even after I unmuted the 'Caller' and 'off-hook' ones.

Also, after that, the 'alsactl store' command didn't bring up a text response in any way.
Is it meant to?


it is correct that alsactl store doesn't produce any output, because it means that the command executed correclty.

Try again sudo alsamixer, but after unmuting the channels, select them one by one and increase evry channel volume using arrow keys. You will see that the volume increases, because a vertical bar will show up when pressing the arrow up key. After that exit by pressing Esc key and execute sudo alsactl store again.

Please tell me whether this solves the issue.

Spaniard (draco-459) said : #4

No such luck. the unmuting would happen, but it wouldn't respond to me trying to raise the volume after they had been unmuted.

Went back into the alsamixer screen, and they had reset back to muted as well, after unmuting, then exiting.

did you save them with sudo alsactl store ?

Please note that sudo is important, because alsactl store will not work if executed without sudo.
If you unmute a chanell pressing M, then you have to raise the volume with the arrow up key.
It works. Please try again.

Spaniard (draco-459) said : #6

Yeah, I used the alsactl store command after exiting.
It won't work. The little boxes that the MM (mute) symbol is in, changes to a 00, but the bar where the volume adjustment happens in Master and PCM, doesn't appear after un-muting.

The 'dB gain=(number),(number)' doesn't appear next to the muted one's names either.

>> Yeah, I used the alsactl store command after exiting.

sudo alsactl store, or only alsactl store?

The bar will appear when pressing the arrow up key. It won't appear just by
When MM changes to 00, press the arrow up, and keep it pressed for a few
seconds. The volume bar will appear.

Spaniard (draco-459) said : #8

Yes, i included the sudo part of the command.

I held the up arrow key for about 45 seconds, and nothing happened.

can you please write what appears in the upper part of the alsamixer screen
in the following fields:



Spaniard (draco-459) said : #10

Sure. It says:

Card: HDA Intel

Chip: RealTek ID 268

Well, I did some further research and I found a bug against your sound chip.
It is being solved.

Have a look:

Spaniard (draco-459) said : #12

I did the amixer command, and have found that playback channels are set to mono.
But mono playback is set to off. Could that be something to do with it?

michael@michael-laptop:~$ amixer
Simple mixer control 'Master',0
  Capabilities: pvolume
  Playback channels: Front Left - Front Right
  Limits: Playback 0 - 64
  Front Left: Playback 33 [52%] [-31.00dB]
  Front Right: Playback 33 [52%] [-31.00dB]
Simple mixer control 'PCM',0
  Capabilities: pvolume
  Playback channels: Front Left - Front Right
  Limits: Playback 0 - 255
  Front Left: Playback 255 [100%] [0.00dB]
  Front Right: Playback 255 [100%] [0.00dB]
Simple mixer control 'Caller ID',0
  Capabilities: pswitch pswitch-joined
  Playback channels: Mono
  Mono: Playback [off]
Simple mixer control 'Off-hook',0
  Capabilities: pswitch pswitch-joined
  Playback channels: Mono
  Mono: Playback [off]

And if it is related to that, how do I turn them to 'on'?

saki (mavrosgatos) said : #13

hi i pass to 7.10 & i have the same please.i m new whit th compiuters

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