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Asked by Daniil Bubnov on 2011-04-24

I'm sure i'm not the first, this is a old question but really

draggin is most used function, much more than selecting, and it would be great if left mouse button can be used for it. It could be a option, deactivated by default, because maybe someone really find pressing middle button all the time is convenient.

Thanks for any replies

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Best mycae (mycae) said : #1

Unfortunately evince does not "do" options.

Youd have to modify this in the source code.]

Its line 3654 here:

The "1" "2" and "3" are hard coded. You would also have to modify the code around line 4085 appropriately

This is not an easy task if you don't write code.


Petition evince (open an evince bug on the gnome bugzilla), or the ubuntu evince maintainers (launchpad bugzilla) to add some kind of preference panel, or even use gconf options -- but that's like talking to a brick wall though (well the gnome guys);

Id just recommend okular, though it does drag the entirety of KDE in with it.

Evince is somewhat useless on tablets, as you can't middle click; its also a pain on touchpads.

Daniil Bubnov (demoth-cadaver) said : #2

thankx for a quick reply, not sure i want to compile all that thousands of code. evince is not bad, it actually does what it should do but with a little pain.
anyway thank you for detailed answer

Daniil Bubnov (demoth-cadaver) said : #3

Thanks mycae, that solved my question.

Daniil Bubnov (demoth-cadaver) said : #4

i looked in bugzilla and found tooo much post with people complainig aboud this and asking to swap that god damn buttons. Will it help to create some new duplicates..

mycae (mycae) said : #5

you can subscribe or vote for the bug I believe; but ultimately the developers believe that options are confusing to the user and should be removed.

Rebuilding is not too hard, if you know how