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Asked by Stan on 2010-10-26

How do I open BMP images? I am trying to open an image that is in XP to use as a background. In 10.04 I had no problem just clicked on it. I am now using 10.10 and a lot of things are different.

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Stan (stanleymills) said : #1

How do I add more images to screensaver options?

Stan (stanleymills) said : #2

Can't get jpeg go into screensaver either

Bitmap images are the simplest image type (The extension is moot in Linux) as they have zero compression, hence their large size.

I believe the slideshow screensaver has a folder you can copy (or symlink) images into and they will be used in sequence. I think you set the folder in the setting for the screensaver, or the folder will be divulged when you set the screensaver as such.

You could alternatively just turn off the monitor / close the laptop and save power.

Stan (stanleymills) said : #4

Closing the computer is not an option nor is turning off the monitor. I am not interested in a screensaver, I want to use as a background a picture of my own choosing. Some how background got morphed into screensaver. I am still looking for how to put my own picture into the Background of my desktop. Since Screensavers are obsolete as moving pictures to keep screens from burning I do not need or want one.

Can someone give me a serious answer instead of flippant nonsense?

Right click desktop -> Change desktop background. Click add then select the image. I suggest you use imagemagick to convert the bmp to png or jpg so it's smaller in ram. The original will stand as convert doesn't delete the original.

Stan (stanleymills) said : #6

Thanks, somehow I found where to put the background looks nice now.