How do I resize an image to load on the internet?

Asked by Yachoved on 2010-03-18

I need to resize an image to be posted on a web site, but I can't figure out what application to do that in.

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tokeman (nocash) said : #1

I would use the application called Gimp.

It is similar to Photo shop, you can resize images in that application. it is the only photo app I use.

If it isn't already in Graphics under the Application Menu then it can be installed via Add/Remove in the Application menu.

Yachoved (yachoved) said : #2

I think I ask the wrong question. I need the file size to be reduced, not necessarily the image. I do have GIMP but have never used it. Would appreciate any assistance in finding the answer or direction to a tutorial for this.


Vu Do Quynh (vu-do-quynh) said : #3


The file size is determined by the number of pixels, which is defined by the resolution (pixels per inch) and the dimensions (teh greater the manier).

If you want to publish on the web, it is better to reduce the actual size of your image to the size you want it displayed. This will reduce its weight (in KB). It is useless to upload a 1600x1200 image to have it displayed as 640x480, for instance.

Then if you are uploading photos, you need lots of colors to keep the good-looking. You then would use formats like PNG and or JPEG. If you are using images of drawings, you may reduce the number of colours used which will reduce the weight of the image's file as image formats are compressed formats, and use formats like GIF (256 colours) which will result in a smaller weight.

With GIMP you can reduce the resolution/size by the menu Image then Reduce size. After that you can save in other formats if needed.

Best tokeman (nocash) said : #4

you can indeed make the file size smaller with Gimp you just need to experiment. Vu Do Quynh is right also.

I have done this myself many times

Yachoved (yachoved) said : #5

Thanks this is what I did need to know. Sorry about the delay in response. Too many irons in the fire.