Empathy opens a window but doesnt log me in

Asked by kalle homopetteri

When I click on the empathy program, to start it, it opens the regular window where in my language (Finnish) it says Tuttavaluettelo (as the name of the window), and under that Keskustele, Muokkaa, Näytä, Huone, Ohje. These quickly translated would be "talk/chat", "options", "display", "help". Under that it has the bad with the colored dot showing are you online, busy, away or offline. This is just for you to know what Im talking about. Under that theres regularly my friends that are online, but now, nothing. BUT theres a small box saying "new msn account" and "modify account". This is all just translated but I assume that is what it probably says in the english version.

So yeah, its not signing me in? I tried going to the options and chaning my details (username and password) just to see if that refreshes it. The information is of course correct. What I just now noticed is that next to (on the right side of) the "online, busy, away, offline" bar, theres the circle with motion. Like its loading something. But it never stops. Weird.

I didnt really do anything to cause this problem. Nothing unusual. Just came to the computer one day (maby 3 days ago) and it refused to work.

Any ideas how to get me signed in properly?


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Noel Arzola (noel.arzola) said :

To try to see what you're seeing I added my MSN account with the wrong password. I believe you're seeing the red bar with a round arrow, pencil, and and X? This is what you see when an account fails to connect. There should be a reason why it failed in the second line under your account, can you tell us what that says? You can also get this message if you hit f4 when it happens

So just for clarity:

What status do you have set?
What does the message state? (ex. mine said "Disconnected - Authentication Failure")
Are any other IM accounts working for you?

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kalle homopetteri (fc89konkari) said :

No, the "message" I have there just says "new account", with the left side of that smallll picture with like a plug going into a wall socket. Under the new account text, with a slightly smaller font it says "no specified mistakes". Under that, in a box with a pencil and the text "edit account". All of this text ive now explained (in this reply, not the OP, or original post) is in a box with an X in the corner to close it. The box is where youd see whos online. If I close it, it goes away, leaving me into empathy, with seeming like everythings correct, exept that theres no one online. And no, its not that theres no one online. When I go to what I believe is "display" in english, from the upper bar and select to show friends that are offline, nothing happens.

I have the status set "online" with the green circle.

I dont have any other IM accounts so cant really test.


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Noel Arzola (noel.arzola) said :

Okay, gotcha. Thank you, so please when you see that hit F4, it will usually give more details at this screen. Can you tell us what that says?

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kalle homopetteri (fc89konkari) said :

F4 didnt do anything, tried multiple times. I actually now pressed "edit account" in the box, by curiousity and the box is now gone. Not getting it back by anyway. Its gone for good. But the problem isnt. No friends show to be online. Not even if I put on the "show friends that are offline".

Now theres no sign that tells me I have a problem, I just have one. Doesnt connect to friends, like above stated.

What can I do to see what my problem is? or if anyone can help in anyway, please do.

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Noel Arzola (noel.arzola) said :

In my opinion this is a bug, as others seem to be experiencing this as well (http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10004609) I have reported it, please go to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/664570 and hit that it affects you too

I wouldn't suggest removing telepathy-butterfly at all, but another person in that forum suggested running killall telepathy-butterfly as a temp fix

If anyone else can pitch in, please do

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