cannot connect to another ekiga user

Asked by kiridude

Hi, I have configured Ekiga, and got a sip address. The echo test works fine.

The problem is that i cannot call anyone else on the ekiga network. I enter <email address hidden>, then hit the call button, but all i get is silence, then the phone hangs up. My friend tells me there was no ring or sign that I called. In fact the "standby" in the call panel doesn't even change, as if the phone is not even dialling or searching.

When I try to send a message i get: NOTICE: Could not send message

At the bottom of my Ekiga window, it says "online" and when I check accounts it says that is "registered."

The echo test works, but when I call the 520 test, it does not call me back.

Any ideas as to what is wrong here?

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Yannick Defais
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Yannick Defais (sevmek) said :


If you can call 500, but not 520 (no call-back), it means you can reach the world (the internet), but the world (the internet again) cannot reach you.

To allow the world to reach you, you most probably need to open ports on your router ("port forwarding"). The ports to open are 5000 to 5100 in UDP. Please refer to your router documentation.

Best regards,

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kiridude (kyriacov) said :

Dear Yannick, thanks for your reply. I was very busy and didn't have much time to experiment lately. I have since moved to another router and ekiga works fine. I am wondering if the problem was the fact that I was on the same network with the person I was trying to call before.

Now ekiga works fine without opening ports 5000-5100, so, i'm curious, does Ekiga work to call other people on the same network? I would like to know because I am considering installing Ekiga at the office and having everyone use it to communicate instead of skype.


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Best Yannick Defais (sevmek) said :


As there is no standards for router designers, it is sometimes hard to have them behave well with peer-to-peer protocols like SIP.

Ekiga supports some standard "tricks" to get most of them working well without any configuration (using STUN; ).

Using Ekiga in the same network should be quite easy: ekiga support the zeroconf protocol which is part of the default installation of most GNU/Linux distros (and can be installed on windows too).

You contacts should appear automatically under "neighbours" in main ekiga window. You have nothing to do.

Best regards,

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kiridude (kyriacov) said :

Thanks Yannick Defais, that solved my question.