How do I add the Ekiga item to an Ubuntu desktop panel?

Asked by Leif

By accident I removed the Ekiga item from the Ubutnu desktop panel (Gnome Panel 2.22.2) it was on. Now when I "x" the Ekiga window, it runs in the background as it should, but there is no panel icon - so I must resort to the insane measure of trying to start Ekiga again even though I know it's running, and it gives me a big "Ekiga is already running..." error message but at least it shows up so I can use it without having to restart my computer. But I shouldn't have to keep doing that hack every time I need to use my phone! It's driving me nuts.

The Ekiga item is not in the friendly "add to panel" menu. Uninstalling and reinstalling Ekiga did not help. There is nothing under "View" or "Preferences" or anywhere else that I could see. I could not find any help on Google, except a poorly described bug report. So... How do I get my Ekiga item (the little gray telephone) back in my panel?

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Claudio Arseni (claudio.arseni) said :

In "add to panel" select "application launcher..." then click "next" > oper internet and select "ekiga".
Hope this helps.

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Antonio Sánchez (antoniosanchez) said :

You can try next:

Look for .gconf/apps/ekiga in your home and delete it doing

sudo rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/ekiga

and then, start ekiga.

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Leif (leif-harmsen) said :

Cl@ude: That works as a simple shortcut to launch the program, but isn't the actual panel item I mean. The panel item I mean brings Ekiga out of hiding, it doesn't attempt to start a new instance of it... it also probably has a bunch of Ekiga specific controls and info if you right click on it, although i can't remember what all it did. Suffice to say it was integral with the app, not just a program shortcut.

Antonio S.: I tried that - I found the file and deleted it, but nothing appears different. Perhaps I have to restart the machine, not just Ekiga...

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Hemanth (hemanth-hm) said :

Leif , just drag and drop Ekiga icon on the the plane

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Leif (leif-harmsen) said :

Hemanth: Which Ekiga icon? What is "the plane"?

Also, icon dragging and dropping normally only produces ordinary shortcuts, not the system-tray* type functionality & behavior my Ekiga panel item (gray telephone) had before it was accidentally removed from the panel.

* I'm wincing at my use of Microsoft jargon.

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Best jtniehof (jtniehof) said :

Did you accidentally remove the notification area, perhaps? Right-click on your panel, "Add to panel," click on "Notification Area", then "Add."

The notification area is where icons from running programs will pop up.

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Leif (leif-harmsen) said :

Thanks jtniehof, that solved my question.

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Leif (leif-harmsen) said :

Thank you! I had no idea that Ubuntu employed a special notification area similar to Microsoft Windows "system tray". It has no visual dividers or demarcation, and most other programs that notify with items in the panel like trash, network, weather etc. don't make use of it. Good to know! Solved my problem.