ekiga can not receive incoming calls

Asked by walterr on 2009-03-17

I have configured ekiga correctly I think, and I can reach any sip user I want. But it seems no-one can reach me. Ekiga has a callback number sip:520 which should call back with sip:500 but it doesn't. No one can reach me. I think my computer ubuntu (8.10 distro) doesn't listen to incoming calls but I can't solve the problem. Any suggestions ??

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ealthuis (ealthuis) said : #1

Are you sure your sound card is working properly?, also check if all of the plugs (mic. etc) are in the right place. I just installed ekiga and it works just fine. I did not do much to get it to work. Check also the preferences under edit, in particular the sound events and Audio devices You may call me now at <email address hidden>.

Yannick Defais (sevmek) said : #3


Thank you for using Ekiga. As far as I understand this issue it is more likely a network one.

You can try calling sip:<email address hidden> to see if, when you call, you have audio and video working.

For troubleshooting network issue, please read this page:
Usually, there is 2 kinds of issue with routers:
- the router has sip support, but poorly implemented, if you find any sip support builtin your router disable it
- the NAT implementation is too restrictive for Voice over IP; try dynamic navigation of NAT router if it supports it, or try forwarding port manually.

Best regards,

walterr (walterba2000) said : #4

Hello. Maybe I didn't describe my problem clearly enough. Ekiga (version 2.0.12 on ubuntu 8.10) works fine, I can call anyone with a sip number (although I know only one or two other users), but they simply can't connect to me. If they dial my sip (sip:<email address hidden>) they can't connect to me. Feel free to try it, it probably won't work. I think my computer isn't simply listening to incoming calls ie port problem. For H323 it should listen on port 1720 and for sip on port 5060. But I simpy think these ports are listening of occupied by an other program. How cant I test it ?? Thanks

ealthuis (ealthuis) said : #5

Hi Walter I just tried to call you, and the result was that the connection was broken after a few seconds.
Looks like your address is not recognized, as I tried the 520 thing and it worked fine.
Could you check with Ekiga.net and make sure the address provided is correct?


ealthuis (ealthuis) said : #6

After trying a few times, I checked my calls history, in the placed calls it states, that "Remote user is unreachable". This indicates, that your address is correct, I made a minor change to your address, (added an r) and tried again, result was "User not found"

Could it be a firewall problem? either on the computer you are using or maybe a router.

I installed on intrepid, made no changes to the firewalls and all calls to 520 come back fine.


walterr (walterba2000) said : #7

Hello again,
As I already mentioned, ekiga works just fine. If I dial <email address hidden> (echo test) everything is ok. My problem is that no one can reach me as I told in my previous message. Can anyone tell me how I can test the state of port 1720 and 5060 ?? Thanks

Yannick Defais (sevmek) said : #8


As I told you before this is more likely a network issue; something (firewall, router) in the path from the internet to your machine is eating the packets. You probably do not need H323 (port 1720) if you don't know what it is exactly. Ekiga.net use only the SIP protocol.

You probably need to open/forward a range of UDP port: 5000 to 5100 as explained here:

If the listening port for SIP was already taken by another application, Ekiga should have tell you that.

Best regards,

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