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Asked by Arvid on 2008-09-19

I have an Ekiga account for PC to PC and a Diamondcard account for PC to telephone number account and this is where I am having problems. I try calling my home phone (Norway) and I cannot. It makes no connection at all, same thing when I try calls to USA . In the Ekiga directions it says to use the country code. Do I need to use this if I am calling withing the same country (from my pc to my phone)?
When I calling Denmark, England, Germany, Italy and Sweden, the calls getting connected. So what is the trick to make calls inside your own country, and how to make calls from Norway to USA (I'm using 001+area code+phone number)?


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Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said : #1

Yes, I think you would have to use your country code to call a local number. Also, don't forget that where a local area code begins with '0' this would be omitted. E.g if I want to dial the local UK number 0123 456789. I would have to dial 0044 123 456789.

Hope this helps. If it does, please mark this as Solved.

Arvid (arvidkb) said : #2

At Tools and call history I have this when calling my own land line (004761xxxxxx):
07:16:17 Calling sip:<email address hidden>

07:17:12 Local user closed the call
However, Ekiga is still on Standby and no sound or connection information coming up in the Ekiga window until I disconnect the call.
The same thing happens when calling US numbers, but yes I'm able to connect to Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden and UK phones.


Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said : #3

What is your own land line number (when you dial it from within Norway)? What is the international code for Norway? What do you enter in Ekiga for a number in the UK?

Arvid (arvidkb) said : #4

When I dial my own land line from any phone in Norway, I will dial 61231063. The international code for Norway: 47. To check a UK number I was dialing the TEMPLE BAR HOTEL, DUBLIN entering 35316773333 and can hear the phone ringing on the other end.

Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said : #5

Dublin is in the Irish Republic (not the UK!) so 353 is their country code. If 35316773333 worked for the hotel in Ireland, I would suggest that you need to dial 4761231063 to call your own home phone. If that is what you did and it did not work, I do not know why. For a US number, try 1+ area code + number.

How do you connect to the internet? Is that blocking incoming calls to your home phone?

Arvid (arvidkb) said : #6

I can also call the hotel Park inn Sheffield in Sheffield UK phone 00441142204000 and get the sound of the phone ringing. I have called my home phone using your suggesting, no luck. Same thing when it comes to dialing the US and Canadian phones.
I'm connected to the internet over an ASDL line, so it is not blocking the phone (tested with Skype too, and it works there).

Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said : #7



Does this help? It seems to be suggesting you prefix the numbers with '00' to get routed to eugw.ast.diamondcard.us.

Arvid (arvidkb) said : #8

Yes, I have been reading the same info about the dialing rules. It is kind of confusing, telling you to “Dial phone numbers you wish to call in international format: country code + area code + number. Then, right after that it says: No international prefix like 011 or 001 is necessary.
If I leave out the 00 and/or the country code the number get treated like a number to another ekiga.net user.
However, my problem is that I'm not able to call any phone number in Norway (country code +47) or US/Canada (phone number with +1 as the country code). But there is no problem calling other country codes!

Arvid (arvidkb) said : #9

I also see one some Internet home pages that you can call a phone number (hotels and B&B in Norway) where you can choose land line. SIP or Skype. When I'm clicking on SIP-type a dialog box is coming up telling me that the link need to be opened in a different program. The dialog box say: Send to: purple-url-handler, and then asking me to choose a program.
Is it looking for the string where the ekiga is located? If so where is ekiga located?

It looks like the format for the Norwegian phone number is; +47 and then the phone number.

Best Yannick Defais (sevmek) said : #10


"purple-url-handler" means Pidgin is trying to deal with the SIP numbers (because Pidgin can handle SIP text message).

Reinstalling Ekiga might give this protocol back to Ekiga.

Best regards,

Arvid (arvidkb) said : #11

I think I will wait a few weeks for the new Ubuntu version, then see if that will fix the problem. If not, reinstall Ekiga then. In the meantime I will have to use Skype for calling US and Norwegian phone numbers.
So I will close this question as solved for now, and open up a new tread if needed later.
Thanks for the help.

Arvid (arvidkb) said : #12

SOLVED: Purchased a Gizmo account and can now make local calls in Norway, and also call USA and Canada. For some reason that is not possible with the Diamondcard account.