sys/stat.h moved from libc6-dev to libc6-dev-i386

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I am trying to compile a program I wrote ( on Ubuntu 11.10, AMD64 version. The default installation is missing some include files (e.g., sys/stat.h) I use from the program. It seems sys/stat.h has moved from the libc6-dev (in Ubuntu 10.10) to the libc6-dev-i386 package. I want to build a 64bit executable. The program works well on 64bit versions of Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04.

Is the usage of libc6-dev-i386 recommended in this case? Is there a different package for 64bit applications? I don't understand why this package has the i386 in it's name. The POSIX spec for sys/stat.h ( doesn't say that this is a 32bit-only include file. I must be missing something here.

In short: what package do I need to install on Ubuntu 11.10 64bit before I compile a program that includes sys/stat.h?

Nedim Srndic

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enubuntu (mr.tennents) said :

Are you using a 64 bit version?
Run uname -a for security in your terminal and paste here the result.

See also here, maybe this will help you:

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Nedim Srndic (nedim-sh) said :

The machine in question is a 64 bit virtual machine with Ubuntu 11.10 64bit, running on a 64 bit PC with an Ubuntu 10.10 64bit OS. This is confirmed by the "x86_64" string that I get from running uname -a on BOTH the virtual and the physical machine.

From the search link you posted, you can see that there is a strange thing going on here. The libc6-dev-i386 is made for the AMD64 architecture, while the libc6-dev-amd64 is made for the i386 architecture. As far as I can tell, it should the other way around, i.e., the names are mixed up.

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enubuntu (mr.tennents) said :

I don't know this.

I think that you should open a bug here:

If it is not a bug, you might receive more help from expert user with a bug report.

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Nedim Srndic (nedim-sh) said :

Thank you for your help, we might have found a bug. I will report it now.

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bhs (bharath-vegito) said :

Include files are not specific to 32-bit or 64-bit. they may have conditional compilation w.r.t 32/64bit. To build a 64bit. You should be able to include the file. Could you mention what the function you want to use which is declared in stat.h?

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Nedim Srndic (nedim-sh) said :

It's been a while since this happened. Since then, I discovered that I need to install the package libc6-dev-i386 on Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit if I want to include sys/stat.h in my programs. It was weird to me that the package name ends in "i386" on a 64-bit system.

The function I was using is open(2).