Failed to use ecryptfs in Android device.

Asked by Freeman

I'm trying to mount ecryptfs on Android device(running in an goldfish emulator).
I menuconfiged kernel options, and I am sure I've got ecryptfs module compiled into the kernel.
so I mount it with following command in "adb shell":
cd sdcard/
mkdir test/
mount -t ecryptfs test/ test/

It then prints: mount: Invalid argument

So I check the ecryptfs source code, printing some log. And I find function "ecryptfs_parse_options" get a null in parameter "options" (goldfish/fs/ecryptfs/main.c: line 478). And the null parameter is passed through from mount system call.

QUESTION1: What is the "options" need to be parsed by ecryptfs_parse_options?

When I try to manually evaluate the "options" with some value such as 0 before invoke ecryptfs_parse_options() , it then prints in log:
ecryptfs_parse_options: eCryptfs: unrecognized option [0]
ecryptfs_parse_options: You must supply at least one valid auth tok signature as a mount parameter; see the eCryptfs README

QUESTION2:what are those "valid auth tok signature"?

However, when I check the README in ecryptfs userspace code packet, I don't get the answer I need. Futhermore, it makes me wondering:

QUESTION3:Must I use ecryptfs userspace code in order to make ecryptfs kernel code work in Android?

This is the first time I get involved in OpenSourceProject. I hope I'm questioning in the right way with understandable English ...
Thank you!

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Best Thomas Krüger (thkrueger) said :

I'm very sorry, but you have posted at the wrong place. The focus of this support platform is Ubuntu Linux not Android. You should ask your question in an Android specialized community.

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Freeman (freemandealer) said :

Oh,my! I'm sorry about this.
I meant to ask about "ecryptfs", the link in launchpad bring me here.
Thanks for advice.

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Freeman (freemandealer) said :

Thanks Thomas Krüger, that solved my question.