eclipse-jdt should not depend on eclipse-cvs-plugin

Asked by Olivier Mengué

CVS is now considered as obsolete by most developers. However, the eclipse-jdt package has a hard dependency that will force to install both eclipse-cvs-plugin and cvs package while most users will never use it.
(by the way, the dependency of eclipse-cvs on cvs is also wrong as Eclipse has its own implementation of the CVS client in pure Java and will never use the native client).

The eclipse-jdt dependency on eclipse-cvs-plugin should only be at most "suggest".

Here is the current state:
$ sudo aptitude install --without-recommends --show-deps eclipse-jdt
The following NEW packages will be installed:
  cvs{a} (D: eclipse-plugin-cvs) eclipse-jdt eclipse-platform{a} (D: eclipse-jdt, D: eclipse-plugin-cvs)
  eclipse-platform-data{a} (D: eclipse-platform) eclipse-plugin-cvs{a} (D: eclipse-jdt)
  eclipse-rcp{a} (D: eclipse-platform) fastjar{a} (D: jarwrapper) jarwrapper{a} (D: sat4j)
  junit{a} (D: eclipse-jdt, S: ant-optional) junit4{a} (D: eclipse-jdt)
  libcommons-codec-java{a} (D: eclipse-platform, D: libcommons-httpclient-java)
  libcommons-el-java{a} (D: eclipse-platform, D: libjasper-java) libcommons-httpclient-java{a} (D: eclipse-platform)
  libcommons-logging-java{a} (D: eclipse-platform, D: libcommons-httpclient-java, D: libjasper-java, R: liblucene2-java, S: ant-optional, S: libslf4j-java)
  libecj-java{a} (D: libjasper-java) libequinox-osgi-java{a} (D: eclipse-rcp)
  libhamcrest-java{a} (D: eclipse-jdt, D: junit4) libicu4j-java{a} (D: eclipse-rcp, R: liblucene2-java)
  libjasper-java{a} (D: eclipse-platform) libjetty-java{a} (D: eclipse-platform)
  libjsch-java{a} (D: eclipse-platform, S: ant-optional) liblucene2-java{a} (D: eclipse-platform)
  libservlet2.4-java{a} (D: libcommons-el-java, D: libjasper-java)
  libservlet2.5-java{a} (D: eclipse-platform, D: libjetty-java, S: libcommons-logging-java)
  libslf4j-java{a} (D: libjetty-java) realpath{a} (D: jarwrapper) sat4j{a} (D: eclipse-platform)

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Sérgio Faria (sergio91pt) said :

Fixed in 3.7.0-0ubuntu1

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Olivier Mengué (dolmen) said :

Thanks for the fix.

Please, see also this other dependency problem:

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Olivier Mengué (dolmen) said :

According to the log eclipse-cvs-plugin has been merged into eclipse-platform-data.

The CVS plugin is so useful for so many people nowadays... Thanks for bloatware!