e2fsck doesn't perform a proposed fix on extent tree

Asked by paologab on 2018-06-12

Hi, this is my first post here.

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 freshly on ad SSD. The root partition was the whole SSD of 240gb formatted with EXT4 fs.

After some weeks I shrank with Gparted packaged with 18.04 the partition from 200gb to 30gb.

During the previous weeks there were no problems.

I use the version 1.44.1. of e2fsck packaged with Ubuntu 18.04.

If I run e2fsck, it says:

    Inode 8 extent tree (at level 1) could be narrower. Fix<y>? yes

After the confirmation with yes it finishes without errors or corrections.

If I excute again e2fsck it gives the same suggestion ad after my positive answer to fix it I have the same outcome.

So e2fsck proposes to narrow the extent tree of inode 8 but then doesn't do it.

I've found a suggestion for similar situation so I did this:

    # e2fsck -fpDv -E bmap2extent /dev/sda1

but after that e2fsck still suggest the fix.

Same with the option -E optimize_extent.

Then I did a defragmentation with e4defrag, that should in some way optimize also the extents as far as I can understand from the documentation, but the situation doesn't change.

Any clou is wellcome.

Thank you

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paologab (paolgab) said : #1

I've these dumps (plain and uuencoded) if needed

script recordered of the clean output of e2fsck

outputof dumpe2f of the file system

output of stat of inode 8 from debugfs

output of dump_estents of inode 8 form debugfs

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