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Asked by William Gamache on 2012-12-26

I know that ubuntu is not suppose to need defragmenting due to the way it utilize's the hard drive which is why I switched from windows + alot of other reasons, but it seems that since I use bittorrent quite a bit, my movie files are freezeing up and my music files are skipping and freezeing up after so much use. Also it is takeing alot longer to boot up and close down. I do have half my hard drive free so space is not an issue. I also use bleach bit to make sure that I have a clean drive... I tried to follow the instructions on the wiki site to download and install the program for defragging but it does not seem to be as easy for me to follow under precise as it asks me to change certain lines in the programming, and what it shows in the example does not reflect what I see and also It wont give me permission to change any lines... As it is dangerous to mess with this too much is there anything else I can do?

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William Gamache (bgama12001) said : #1

Oh yes to make more clear the program I tried to use is called Shake...

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #2

e4defrag is part of e2fsprogs which again is an essential package, hence e4defrag exists on standard installation.

Enter in a terminal:
man e4defrag

In case please note comment #29 regarding long uptime.
bug 837070

> since I use bittorrent quite a bit

I'd rather assume zeitgeist indexing as culprit.
Please open system settings -> privacy -> applications
Add the bittorrent app in order not to monitor activities or add certain files not to be monitored.
Another option is to clear the cache complete or for a certain time frame.

Zeitgeist database files can be found in ~/.local/share, maybe compare their size before and after.

Best Sam_ (and-sam) said : #3

Please avoid downloading applications from the wild, in particular not knowing what their value is and how to use it.
Ubuntu offers thousands of packages, signed by developers, rated by users, no need to take any risks.

William Gamache (bgama12001) said : #4

Thank You... This did solve my problem !!! You Guys Are Great !!!! Happy Holidays !!!