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Asked by William G Berry on 2017-10-11

I am on ubuntu xenial. With a newly-installed dwww package, I am getting "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /dwww/ on this server."

I note that the apache2 document root is /var/www/html, but dwww installs files to /var/www/dwww. The dwww.conf file also refers to /var/www/dww, not /var/www/html/dwww. Is this where the problem is, or am I missing something?

/var/www/dwww belongs to root:root. Is this correct, or should it be www-data:www-data (the owner of /var/www/html)?

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If you make a copy of the folder then change the permissions then you can try it (or if it's a VM then take a snapshot).

You can then roll back.

William G Berry (wortle) said : #2

Thank you for taking the trouble to answer. I really appreciate it. However, I find that I have not explained the problem correctly, which has not given you the opportunity to answer it effectively.

I have found what the problem is, but not how to solve it.

The problem is that I am trying to access dwww remotely. The server runs ubuntu; my laptop runs mint, which is based on ubuntu. I would rather keep all documentation in one place (the server) which has considerably more hard drive space than the laptop.

dwww.conf is set to allow only localhost access to dwww (specifically, /var/www/dwww and /usr/share/doc). Changing "Require local" to "Require ip" for those directories does not resolve the problem.

For me, the lesson is "read the error logs before posting"!

I have changed the ownership of /var/www/dwww to www-data, and not have the dwww homepage, but still do not have permission to access the help files. Is the problem that they are all owned by root?

William G Berry (wortle) said : #3

Sorry, the last paragraph should say that I DO have the dwww homepage, but not the help files.

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