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Solved 657089 -- question cancelled pending reformulation and simplification -- 2017-08-29 06:48:04 UTC craig p hicks Solved
Solved 271199 Using duplicity and IAM roles on AWS instances 2015-09-08 09:06:11 UTC hebbo Solved
Answered 240362 Restoring from Deja Dup on newly formatted Ubuntu machine 2013-12-05 19:57:31 UTC John Foley Answered
Open 188400 Backup deja-vue fails starting at line 151 2012-02-21 13:52:02 UTC Cliffm Open
Solved 186098 Recombining 64kB blocks of a broken duplicity / deja dup backup after manual decryption 2012-01-28 13:24:52 UTC tomx Solved
Answered 176821 Déjà-dup gives an error trying to backup on Ubuntu One 2011-10-30 00:43:55 UTC Ugo Truffelli Answered
Solved 124018 Silent hang if SSH has issues - pass messages to user? 2010-09-03 22:09:08 UTC Ralph Solved
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