How to depend on a package that got split?

Asked by Wolf Geldmacher on 2010-09-19

This is the scenario:

A single package (gfxboot) got split into two packages (gfxboot and gfxboot-dev) for maverick.
The functionality I need has moved from gfxboot into gfxboot-dev.

How do I get the dependency right, so that my package (uck), which does not depend on the Ubuntu version up to now installs correctly in both lucid and maverick?

Obviously I cannot use:
 Depends: gfxboot
as this does not provide the functionaly I need in maverick and
 Depends: gfxboot-dev
will not work for lucid, as the -dev package does not exist there.

((This must be a fairly common problem, but, although I searched, I could not find pointers to a solution.))

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Log a bug with Maverick, if it workied in Lucid and not Maverick then it is a regression. It is also VERY expected that you will get issues much like this in maverick as it is BETA and NOT ready. If you want an OS that works then use Lucid. If you don't mind an OS full of fnctionality holes and bugs and want to help the project by logging bugs then maverick is for you.

Best Philip Muškovac (yofel) said : #2

you could use something like
Depends: gfxboot-dev | gfxboot (<< 4.2.2)
that will install gfxboot-dev in maverick and the older gfxboot package on lucid as gfxboot-dev isn't available in lucid.

@actionsparsnip: this is a simple packaging change in gfxboot, which is perfectly fine from my point of view (maintainer decision).
getting packages to install on multiple releases with the same packaging can be tricky sometimes (had the same problem a while ago)

If you log a bug to state the fix is to add the depends bit will pull in the -dev package then all will be well..

Wolf Geldmacher (wolf-womaro) said : #4

Thanks Philip Muškovac, that solved my question.