Can Ubuntu be delivered with a built in DNS cache support ?

Asked by xiangxw on 2011-12-02

As far as I know, Ubuntu does not have build-in DNS cache support, while Windows does.
For this reason, Ubuntu is not easy to use.
Beginners with static IP network will suffer from it, for Internet surfing will be very slow without DNS cache.

sorry for my english.

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Static IP has no relevance on DNS except for that fact that it must be statically defined. The speed is in no way encumbered if a DHCP server gives the IP address or it is manually set. A DNS cache WILL however make the web faster.

If you install dnsmasq package then edit /etc/dnsmasq.conf and change:




Save the new file then run:

sudo service dnsmasq stop; sudo service dnsmasq start

You will then need to go into network manager and set the interface to DHCP (address only) and make the first DNS server be and then use whatever you like as the other 2. Common options are:,,

(uses Google's public DNS service). This will make the system consult dnsmasq for learned DNS resolutions (takes 0ms) and then will ask the web based DNS if nothing is found

xiangxw (963632192-m) said : #2

Thanks, actionparsnip:
Yes, I know the solution before, but I think it's Ubuntu's responsibility to make our life easier, especially for beginners.
Ubuntu should think more about common users, not only developers.
Think about it, a businessman use Ubuntu for the first time, but Internet is so slow in Ubuntu, he may quit right away and try Windows or Mac.

Then you can submit a suggestion on:

or log a bug with:
ubuntu-bug network-manager

Using a cached DNS doesn't make the web hugely faster but it can help.

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Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

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This topic was discussed at UDS October 2011. See the blueprint:
You can see the status of progress on the blueprint at