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Answered 690717 Mainline kernel v 5.6.13 has problem with dkms and Nvidia graphics and rtl8821ce drivers not working 2020-05-14 19:54:46 UTC Alireza Azimi Fard Answered
Solved 185568 Removing dkms-built modules for old kernel versions 2012-01-23 13:03:36 UTC Ralph Corderoy Solved
Answered 163792 When will the Ubuntu version catch up with upstream? 2011-07-05 08:15:19 UTC silid Answered
Answered 148293 feature request: auto modules / drivers reinstall when kernel upgrade to new version the natural ubuntu way 2011-03-08 10:12:08 UTC Carmit Vinik Answered
Solved 95979 MODULES_CONF[#] modifies /etc/modprobe.d/dkms.conf instead of /etc/modules 2010-01-02 22:11:25 UTC Guillaume Solved
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