Devilspie issues in Ubuntu 13.10

Asked by Nikos Balkanas on 2014-03-25

Ubuntu 13.10 forgoes ccsm and compiz, instead creates a measly 2x2 Desktop from System Settings.
I use devilspie for initial desktop placement. However, nothing that i 've tried manages to place anything in the lower
row for the 2x2. qBittorrent and Clementine should be placed in lower row, instead they cram up the top row. This is the configuration I am using:

(if (is (application_name) "Opera")
    (begin (set_viewport 2)

(if (is (application_name) "qBittorrent v2.9.7")
    (begin (set_viewport 3)

(if (is (application_name) "Clementine")
    (begin (set_viewport 4)

(if (is (application_name) "Terminal")
     (begin (set_viewport 1)
        (if (is (window_role) "1")
            (begin (geometry "750x1000+0+0")
        (if (is (window_role) "2")
            (begin (geometry "750x1000+750+0")
        (if (is (window_role) "3")
            (begin (geometry "750x1000+1000+0")

I have tried also set_workspace instead of set_viewport, with no success.
At this point I am inclined to believe that devilspie is buggy.

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13.10 does use compiz. It is the default window manager. If you run:

ps -ef | grep compiz | grep -v grep

What is the output?

If you use gdevilspie you will get a GUI to devilspie. You will find it on Googlecode. May help.

Nikos Balkanas (nbalkanas) said : #3

13.10 uses some components of compiz. Ccsm doesn't work and will crash your X-server if activated. The only external compiz functionality is a measly 2x2 desktop, which I doubt is even done with compiz :-(.

Unfortunately gdevilspie won't run. It crashes on start.

13.10 uses a full Compiz as WM. The 2D was removed and if your GPU cannot perform the necessary 3D capabilities, your CPU will take the strain. Wherever you heard that 13.10 uses some components of Compiz, but it is incorrect.

May give hints on configs etc.

Nikos Balkanas (nbalkanas) said : #6

No. If compiz is a full WM, then ccsm would be used to configure it. But it crashes. Furthermore gnome Desktop (lightdm + unity) doesn't support *any* of the compiz functionality.

Anyway, this thread is about devilspie, not compiz. And i solved my problem. Configuration file should be split in many little parts, 1 for each application, not all in the same file.

I am pressing "This solved my problem" not because you did anything to solve it, but because is the only option to leave this window.

CCSM is also known to cause issues in Precise, and all releases after it. It doesnt mean that Compiz is not fully implemented. It's just that the tool is known to cause issues.