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Asked by Frank Li on 2019-11-28

Just for reference, a server upgrade from 18.04 to 19.04 in China took nearly an hour, with 99% of the time installing lxd. snap downloaded lxd from snap store with the speed of around 15KB/s. feels totally bad. As a comparison, apt upgrade from a mirror site took seconds, upgrading around 400 packages, with the speed of around 50MB/s.
I'm not saying that snap store itself is something awful, but it's way too slow in some regions that it MAKES ONE MAD, especially you've got job to be done. feels like you've woken up in the times of ADSL.

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Frank Li (frankli0324) said : #1

I googled around for a while and I basically found nothing on how to create a snap store mirror.

Did you upgrade to 18.10 in between (if you upgraded online) or did you wipe 18.04 off and do a clean install of 19.04 (why you'd leave the LTS is a weird one)

19.04 is only supported a short while. You may want to upgrade to 19.10

ADSL is fast enough for home use and is what provides the majority of home broadband here in the UK. We wake up in the times of ADSL daily. Same in China.....It's not slow.

Frank Li (frankli0324) said : #4

mirror, not proxy.
well... what I want to say by mentioning ADSL.. is that I want to say that its really slow...
snap install [anything] needs snap install core, right?
what I'm really looking for is something equivalent to /etc/apt/sources.list

Frank Li (frankli0324) said : #5

I get something like "you need to run apt --fix-broken install" after upgrading and when I tried to install or upgrade anything, and apt--fix-broken install wants to snap install lxd, which leads to snap install core, while I can't do anything but to watch it download at the speed of a snail.

[from 18.04]
Ctrl+C when installing lxd (I suspected that it hanged)
apt update; apt upgrade -> needs --fix-broken install
"hanged" when snap install lxd>snap install core
opened up a screen session and snap install lxd
went to sleep
apt upgrade worked fine

Frank Li (frankli0324) said : #6

I couldn't use a proxy because I can install nothing without installing the core, but on debian apt has /etc/apt/sources.list so I can update/install from another source.

I don't understand how:

"but on debian apt has /etc/apt/sources.list so I can update/install from another source."

You can install from any source you can add, you can even install from packages on your local drive(s).... What do you mean please?

Frank Li (frankli0324) said : #8

there are some mirror sites that syncs with the main site periodically, like, and
I can find instructions on how to mirror a repository like and

I can't find them for snap store.
maybe I missed something?

Frank Li (frankli0324) said : #9

btw, 19.04 upgraded to 19.10 smoothly.
I left LTS because... I simply wanted to (lol
The cloud service provider gives 18.04 by default.

Was it OK in the LTS. The non LTS releases are very short supported

Frank Li (frankli0324) said : #11

it's not at all related to LTS or not...
It's about designing....
I'm closing this anyway, seems that I'm not getting any closer to a solution.

Frank Li (frankli0324) said : #12

just google, "ubuntu snap mirror"